Summer maybe over but my love for neon pink never fades away!As soon as I got my hands on a gel lamp I immediately went out and bought a neon pink gel polish.
Price for such a tiny bottle it's always a killer to shell out $14 a bottle, I'd advise to try to get this on sale.
I posted swatches of the new Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection a few days ago, and many of you are wondering how the colors compare to existing colors.
Me either :-( I love gelish and have over 80 colours but only 3 or 4 true nudes the rest fade but im awaiting an order of nude colours from Andreas pink gellac collection and cant wait! Hi emma, I have received, the colours are gorgeous, it goes on just like gelish which is great, the colours don’t seem to fade at all which was my main issue but a few clients have reported lifting which is strange because im using gelish base and top coat and curing for 60 seconds instead of 30 like andrea said to and definitely not doing it too thick so am hoping its just fussy clients and not the polish as I love it!
I have a question Andrea, IBD Just Gel Polishe when used just with Gelish Base -> IBD Color -> Gelish Top It Off, can it be removed as a Full Gelish manicure would be? Structure gel can be applied before or after your color gel, I always applied it before (after the foundation), but it’s up to you what your preference it.

I’m not sure I understand why flash curing would help with shrink back, rather than just curing it normally. I’m just curing for a few seconds while I paint the other nails and then I cure the whole hand for the full amount of time.
Many of the colors in this collection are original and unique, but a few have some similar shades. You can click on this photo and all others in this post for a larger view.  You can see that the last three colors are similar in shade and darkness, but have some different hues. They do fade in a while-like on a second day it’s getting notisable and on the 5-th it’s just too obvious! Are you curing it for a few seconds and then doing something to it, and then curing it again? I recently purchased a bunch of new gel polishes and have quite a few spring-y shades to share with you.

I find that gelish is easier to apply, and comes out more evenly than gelaze, but maybe my bottle was too warm when I was using it.
I could have probably gotten away with only 2 coats, but I prefer a more opaque look so I used 3 coats in the photos below. I know many of you ladies are moving more to the fall colors but pink lovers like me with adore this pink!

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