The company leased 18 Chevrolet Volts as part of a pilot program to see if the vehicle would help reduce fuel spend and greenhouse gas emissions in the sales and repair segments of its fleet.
Shown above are different angles of the Chevrolet Volt with the Safelite AutoGlass branding.
As fuel price volatility continues to be a cost-containment challenge fleet managers must grapple with, vehicle selection becomes more important than ever.
To launch the pilot program, Gilchrist and her associates at Safelite AutoGlass contacted GE Capital Fleet Services, which has been working with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The Truck Rental and Leasing Associaton (TRALA) is a non-profit national trade association for the truck renting and leasing industry.

With more than 10,000 associates nationwide, serving more than 5 million customers every year, we specialize in only one thing - auto glass.
Safelite AutoGlass tested the Volt in a pilot program in an effort to help reduce fuel consumption. Safelite AutoGlass, an automotive glass repair and replacement company with global operations, has undertaken a number of measures to reduce fuel spend while meeting corporate sustainability goals. These measures include testing the Chevrolet Volt in a pilot program to determine potential applications for the vehicle in one of the company’s fleet segments. Erin Gilchrist, fleet manager for Safelite AutoGlass, shared how these changes are helping contain fleet costs from a corporate sustainability standpoint.

Power is inverted from a 1.4L 63-kW (84-hp) gasoline-powered onboard engine to the electric drive unit to provide up to 344 additional miles of range.

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