According to a recent article in Reader’s Digest, 50,000 people lose their eyesight every year and 80 million Americans are at risk of eye diseases that cause low vision and blindness. When you fix your oatmeal or waffles, add blueberries to it because according to the Archives of Ophthalmology, those who eat blueberries reduce their chances of getting glaucoma and macular degeneration.  Some meal ideas for blueberries include fruit salad, homemade blueberry muffins, blueberry preserves on whole grain bread, blueberry-yogurt smoothies and blueberry bread.
Another important way to improve your vision with a balanced diet is to eat foods that are rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes and grapefruit.
Your eyes will benefit from omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods, especially fish such as tuna and salmon.
I purchased a guide to help me improve my vision naturally as I was so tired of my contacts and glasses.
Drawing showing the position of the optic nerve head (optic disk)--the only part of the optic nerve that can be seen within the eye. These fruits are a rich source of vitamin-C, which helps prevent macular degeneration and cataract. Thus we see that with a little care and due attention to what we eat on a daily basis, we can ward of eye related problems quite easily. For adults too it is important that any diet related deficiencies are addressed early to prevent degeneration of vision. Be the first to know what's going on in the Park, unearth Park secrets, get special offers, and more.
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We have a wide range of spectacles suitable for all ages from very small children, to up to date designs for the fashion conscious older child.
It is now easier and more comfortable to wear contact lenses than ever before – give them a try – call and arrange a trial! Our optometrists have a special interest in contact lenses investing a significant amount of their time in continuing professional development in the field of contact lenses. We often see patients who have challenging and complex prescriptions or medical eye conditions requiring unique custom made contact lenses allowing them to enjoy clear comfortable vision.
We particularly have an interest in fitting those with Keratoconus and others with irregular corneas, including those with post laser vision correction ectasia. We are able to get lenses from a multitude of providers and thus meet peoples individual needs. KeraSoft® IC is a specially designed soft lens that fits all irregular corneas, including post laser refractive surgery, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD) and other complex corneal irregularities. KeraSoft® IC has a number of configurable lens parameters, including customisable periphery design and Sector Management Control (SMC) which, uniquely, can be fully tailored to meet the needs of the individual eye. ClearKone® is an FDA-cleared hybrid contact lens specifically designed for the treatment of keratoconus and other corneal irregularities. ClearKone® is specifically designed to restore vision to patients with the many types and stages of keratoconus. The unique design of the ClearKone® lens combines the best features of other contact lens designs into a single lens, while eliminating many of the issues that each individual lens can pose.

ClearKone® is an award-winning treatment for keratoconus and is optimized to effectively restore vision to a large majority of patients with keratoconus, without compromising comfort or eye health – even in the most challenging cases.
Vitamin A-rich foods such as sweet potatoes, mangoes, bananas and leafy greens will also prevent eye diseases of stealing your eyesight.  Here are some ways you can eat more of these foods on a daily basis. That is because carrots possess liberal quantities of that wonderful ingredient beta-carotene a type of vitamin –A, that is very good for one’s eyes.
These are a good source of vitamin-E, which again helps in preventing macular degeneration.
Green leafy vegetables are laden with lutein and zeaxanthin, essential for preventing the onset of macular degeneration or even cataract. Luckily there is a long list of citrus fruits one can easily incorporate into one’s daily diet. Eye trouble can start quite early in life; therefore it is important that healthy eating habits are inculcated in children right from the time they are very young. Our ability to see is the most wonderful of God’s gifts to us, and we should appreciate that fact and take good care of our eyes. In fact we are listed with the UK Keratoconus Self Help and Support Association as a Keratoconus friendly practice. Incorporating wavefront optics KeraSoft® IC is available in a choice of two materials; a 3 month 74% water SiH material, and a 12 month conventional high water 77% material. Using a revolutionary technology, ClearKone® combines the best of both worlds – the crisp vision of a high-oxygen rigid RGP contact lens with the all-day comfort and convenience of a soft lens. Because the ClearKone® lens vaults over the cornea, there’s minimal risk of corneal scarring, making ClearKone® hybrid contact lenses a healthy treatment option for keratoconus. The “peaks and valleys” of an irregular cornea pose a special challenge when it comes to vision correction options. The way the lens vaults over the cornea allows a layer of tears to form between the back surface of the rigid center and the eye. Not only does the soft skirt provide exceptional all-day comfort and prevents dirt from getting under the lens, it also contributes to the excellent vision achievable in ClearKone®.
Incorporate spinach into your diet because it contains lutein, a nutrient that protects your eyes against cataracts and glaucoma. You can always drink orange juice but get creative and make an orange-spinach salad with lemon-basil vinaigrette. One way to benefit from salmon is to grill two pieces of it and serve the salmon with roasted red potatoes or brown rice. There is everything to be gained by making green leafy vegetables an essential part of one’s daily diet. With the recent increase in post-laser refractive surgery corneal changes, this lens ticks all the boxes for health, optics, comfort and ease of fitting.
In addition, the soft skirt of the ClearKone® design helps to center the contact lens over the visual axis regardless of where the cone is located on the cornea or how large it is, thereby decreasing visual distortions and providing superior vision. Contact lenses with a rigid surface are the undisputed gold standard for restoring vision to irregular cornea patients.
The tear layer fills in the “peaks and valleys” allowing light to focus properly to provide crisp, clear vision.

RGP lenses alone can move around on the eye, often “centering” on the steepest part of the cornea where the cone is located which is generally not in alignment with the visual axis of the patient. Red onions benefit your eyes because they contain an antioxidant called quercetin, which prevents cataracts.
To make the vinaigrette combine two teaspoons of olive oil and three teaspoons of lemon juice along with crushed basil leaves.
Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods prevent glaucoma, muscular degeneration and blindness very well. So when someone asks you to go green, don’t restrict your actions to just preserving the environment!
The ClearKone® design also prevents dirt from getting under the lens and will not pop out unexpectedly. A rigid surface over an irregular cornea mimics a spherical (normal) eye, allowing the light to focus properly on the eye to provide clear vision. The ClearKone® fitting approach called “vaulting” allows practioners to simply increase the depth of the contact lens over the cornea depending on how steep or severe the individual patient’s keartoconus is. This decentering of the RGP contact lens off of the visual axis results in distorted vision, halos and glare and less than optimal visual acuity for the patient. Another idea is to mash some bananas and yogurt and eat it as a delicious topping over toasted bread.  Finally, you can peel some mangoes, combine it with pineapple juice, and make a fruit juice instead of purchasing sodas. Beta –carotene is known to make the retina, the single most important part of the eye that actually makes one see, perform better. The reason why eggs are so good for one’s eyes again lies in what they contain- lutein, zeaxanthin and zinc.
ClearKone® hybrid contact lenses offer all the benefits of rigid gas permeable (RGP) and soft contact lenses without any of the disadvantages for an overall GREAT contact lens experience. No other contact lens available today can provide all of these benefits in a single product. The ClearKone® vault system comes in 11 different choices and therefore can accommodate even the most severe forms of keratoconus. Because the ClearKone® lens has a soft skirt, the optical center of the contact lens is held in place centered on the eye and most importantly in line with the visual axis of the patient.
Your practioner will choose a vault that just clears your cone so the RGP portion of ClearKone® does not bear on the surface of your cone, virtually eliminating the chances of corneal scarring. This is why patients often report much better visual acuity in the ClearKone® lens and a marked improvement in the quality of the vision they can achieve in ClearKone®. Macular degeneration impacts the retina leading to gradual and progressive loss of central vision.

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