Installation NoticeDo Not Mount Device In Any Location That Allows Ultraviolet Light To Be Seen After Installation.
What are the primary benefits?UV-C light will significantly reduce the amount of microbials in ductwork and air space, helping to reduce possible health problems associated with inhaling microbials. What is the importance of UV-C light products for indoor environments?Overall, people spend 90% of their time indoors, in a "closed" environment with little or no exchange of outside air.
How does it work?UV-C light emitted by the Bio-Fighter® penetrates the cell walls of the microbe, causing cellular or genetic damage.
How much maintenance is required on a UV light product?Lamps should be cleaned by a professional every six (6) months to remove any dust accumulation on the bulbs that might lessen the effectiveness of the UV-C light. How much electricity does UV-C light use?Each tube uses approximately the same electricity as a 40-watt light bulb.
How many lamps do you recommend for home installations?One lamp is normally sufficient to control microbial growth on the coils and in the drain pan. Replacement Germicidal UV Bulb fits the Eclipse II UV Cleanser Model # 2222.These bulbs fit Eclipse II UV Cleanser with a Silver or Gray unit. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Click the button below to add the Replacement UV Bulb for Eclipse II UV Cleanser Model # 2222 to your wish list.

I am waiting for my heating contractor to install to ensure it works properly.Why I gave an average rating is for 2 reasons. To prevent the viewing of UV light through the grille, the Bio-Fighter® Germicidal UV System should NOT be installed in the return air stream of a closet return application. UV-C light is also beneficial in keeping HVAC coils free of mold which increases system efficiency. Such an environment can become a breeding ground for potentially harmful pathogens, and in high numbers, can prove hazardous to human health. Ultraviolet light represents the frequency of light between 200 nanometers (nm) and 400nm and cannot be seen with the naked eye.
The Bio-Fighter® is designed to be used in addition to a dust filter or electronic air cleaner and the filtration of dust particles will also aid in keeping the bulb(s) of the Bio-Fighter® unit clean. The Dust Free UV-C light bulbs have a service life of 9,000 hours, or approximately 375 days. The lamp size used should be proportional to the space that is available in the coil and drain pan area.
Intensity and exposure time will determine how quickly a susceptible microbe is disabled by UV-C light. However, filters are inefficient at dealing with microscopic bacteria, molds, and viruses and are incapable of preventing mold from growing on a surface.

However, since each HVAC system is as different as the building within which it functions, the Bio-Fighter® UV-C Light System most suitable for your needs should be recommended and installed by a professional trained in UV-C light use and application. I finally did get someone calling the local California number and was told they did get the order. Longwave UV light (315nm to 400nm), or UV-A, refers to what we commonly call "black light." UV-B (280nm to 315nm), or midrange UV, causes sunburn. The Bio-Fighter® UV-C Light System contributes significantly to the reduction of the small microbial organisms that pass through filters and into the general air stream. Bio-Fighter® UV-C units should be left on continuously as turning them on and off ages the bulbs and power supplies. Proper placement of the Bio-Fighter® unit above the coil, or a surface area prone to microbial growth aids in reducing the amount of viable microbes on that surface.
Black casing see: Eclipse UV Cleansers * Recommended Service intervals for Eclipse II UV Cleansers.
Research has demonstrated that within this UV-C band the most efficient frequency for microbial destruction is between 254nm and 265nm.

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