You can use the contact us form to contact us, but keep in mind: we are not the manufacturer. Hanging antique bronze mini pendant light wheat glass shade is the great looking lamp shade for your room. Hampton Bay lighting replacement parts are readily available to let you maintain for many years the beauty and function of your ceiling fans, lamps, chandeliers, under-cabinet lighting, and your track lighting.
If you saved your product manual, there will be a parts page in it, with all the parts and their numbers listed. There are actually a few parts you can see and order online, but most parts are in the catalog at their store. As stated before, have your model number with you when you call and they will fine the part you are looking for.
Take advantage of Home Depot's excellent product support by calling them for help with Hampton Bay lighting replacement parts.
A lot of the time we get e-mails with only a part number - please send us as much information as you have on the replacement part you're looking for.
Gives natural soft light that good for eyes, best for reading and giving warm light to your house. The alabaster glass shade brightens any hallway, bedroom, or kitchen and complements many of today's modern decors. Hanging Chrome Pendant features classic rigor and elegant precision with a touch of mystery. Customer service will work with you to find exactly which part you need and help you get it. Has 4 exchangeable finial styles, White, Brushed Nickel, Antigua Brass, and oil rubbed Bronze.
In addition to the beautiful design, the unit has both your pocketbook and the Earth in mind with the inclusion of two energy-saving, bright white compact fluorescent bulbs. This chrome pendant is surrounded with a reflective plastic drum shade to provide a formal contemporary effect. If any particular one is not universal, it will state in each light kit's description which fans they are compatible with, so you don't have any problems finding the right one. Soon the existing lamps will be failing and there won’t be replacement lamps available.Now obsolete, these 48-in. Ceiling fan lights can be ordered online but the quickest way to get parts is to call Home Depot, who is the main dealer for Hampton Bay.
Hampton Bay 1 light is a 72 inches dimensioned light hanging for your room to increase its appearance with its warm light. T12 fluorescent tube lights put out about 2300 lm (each) when new.So what should the replacement fixtures be?The first lights to be replaced are in the garage, which has the greatest number of them. You can get their personal help with what you are looking for and have your parts in a few days.

Should we just replace the T12 fixtures with T8 ballasts and be done with it, since both lights can use either fixture mechanically?
We attempt to list some here, but we are not able to get our hands on these for the most part.
Low winter temperatures in my area are common, and the garage lights don’t like to come on. The value of a light source is measured by how well it renders all colors of the visible spectrum. Originally, any part of the garage could suddenly have to serve as a workshop area, and we wanted bright lights everywhere.
The sunlight lamp provides an exceptional blue-rich light made up of pure white light with a high CRI which results in greater color contrast and an overall sharper image. But over time the third bay became dedicated as the workshop area, and the other two bays just had two cars and lots of storage shelves along the walls.
Regular light bulbs provide an orange reddish tint on objects and ordinary fluorescent bulbs can cause head aches and eyestrain. So for now, the light fixtures that need to be replaced are the two fixtures in the non-workshop bays, each with two 48-in. Warranty will be void if product is used under conditions other than its normal application, or has not been operated according to the instructions provided. Any modifications or alterations to product will void warranty.If product fails within the stated warranty period due to defects in material or workmanship, the product may be returned to the retail store of purchase. I’m going out on a limb here, but my reasoning is that Cree has long said that you should be able t0 use an LED bulb in any fixture that is meant for an incandescent bulb. I believe that if your totally enclosed fixture is in a garage in Phoenix on a 120F summer day, it might not go so well for the bulb’s life, but in this more temperate zone, heat is not as much of a problem. Plus, I’ve been using Cree bulbs in the totally enclosed garage door opener light fixture for the past two years with no problem, and that’s a harsher environment due to the mechanical vibrations.Each enclosed 2-bulb LED fixtures supplies over 1600 lms with instant-on in any weather.In summary, rather than going to great effort in analyzing which LED light best reproduces a particular incandescent or fluorescent technology, it’s sometimes more useful to decide what the usage of the space is, and, if you could start from scratch, how best would you light it?
Manufacturers often spec their initial output and then their output after the lamps have been operational for a time. We are upgrading the T8 32 watt fluorescent tubes to LED tubes, to save watts and to have improved lighting.
Our question is, are our existing electronic ballasts efficient (compared with one-side line voltage LED tubes)?
We had used the T12 for residential then converted those 2-tube fixtures to T8 (32 watt) with the electronic ballast when they became available. We have the Advance Standard REL-2P32-SC, instant-start electronic ballast, 120 V, 60 Hz, 0.49 Amps (comparable to the Phillips AmbiStar ballast which you compared to the LEDs in the T-12 replacement article from May 14, so, ~ 61 watts for a 2-tube fixture?). You can use these lamps without going through the ballasts, but then you’re still doing some re-wiring. As can be seen in the product photo, there is no diffuser and the LEDs show directly, which makes for a glaring pixelated look, but it sounds like you’re ok with that.

Great Eagle doesn’t have any additional information on its site about the lamps; I emailed asking what the warranty is.
I’ll probably pull it out and make a separate post, because a lot of people have asked about how they can use LEDs in their T12 fixture without re-wiring.
As I mentioned in my reply to NR, you might not like the intense pixelated look of the lights. I guess where I went off track was in your May 14th post (hands-on with Cree linear T8), the measured wattage of 2 T8 32-watt (?) fluorescent tubes with the ballast was 61 watts! I will test, with a Kill-o-Watt plug-in meter, the wattage of my lights now (with their fluorescent 32-watt tubes and Advance electronic ballast). Then I will test again when I remove the ballast and install the 2 18-watt LED T8 tubes (and the non-shunted tombstone clip on the power side of the tube). I wanted to try the LE 24-watt sixteen inch flush-mount circular LED fixtures, like about 4 of them, screwed to either a home-made lattice-like rack, or a 4-foot wagon wheel suspended horizontally by chains, to a height of ten feet (to go with my cowboy country theme in this cabin home). All I see when searching ceiling LED lights is recessed and the LE flush-mounted (nice, on AMZN!) but can’t use those except in the hallway and the bathroom since I have exposed beam, red cedar wood high (23 ft) ceilings (12:12 pitch)!
That is what I intend to do when I install the new Type B LED tubes with individual internal drivers.I thought Type C external drivers would be the most energy efficient, for commercial installations? The driver has to take the high-frequency voltage used by a fluorescent lamp and convert it to the dc-current needed by the LED tube lamp. So you have the inefficiencies of both the T8 ballast and the internal LED lamp driver.The Type C driver removes the drive circuitry from the LED tube lamp and puts it into the external driver. It’s more efficient than the Type A because there’s only the one driver — the whole fluorescent legacy is eliminated. I see them available on Amazon for $18 each in a 4-pack ($72 total), so the price is excellent. This is a long-winded reply, but I wanted to explain why I said an external power supply always adds losses — I thought you were referring to the fluorescent ballast.
Sorry!I gotta write this up in a separate post…PS: I’ve often thought that a wagon-wheel chandelier would be a great basis for an LED lighting design. A few months ago I had twigged to the A, B, C specs from talking with a friend who is a commercial sustainability-upgrade LED installer here in Hawaii, using the Type C.
Perhaps a peek-a-boo deal, between the spokes of the wheel, with the available recessed LEDs?

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