The iPhone is probably one of the best looking phones ever made, but that beauty comes with a price. Yeah, I think it would just look weird with the black ones, even if you dyed the white out different colors.
We offer the fastest service and most competitive price in Sydney and Australia wide.  Get a free quote or contact our expert and ask us if you have any questions. I must say laptop screen replaces service is excellent – great to have a company who can fix laptop screen onsite on the spot. Thank you for making the whole laptop screen replacement process a lot easier than I had been led to believe! If you have any questions or arrange an appointment for your laptop screen repair or replacement.

If you have a 4S or previous version, all it takes is one drop and the back glass is shattered (unless you're incredibly lucky). And just like the iPhone, one drop face-down on a hard surface and you could be the victim of a cracked iPad glass, LCD, or worse.
Our cost effective iPad screen repair service gives you peace of mind when you need to replace your iPad screen. That was quick, only 15 mins and my laptop screen is new again… and on a Sunday evening too … very impressed. I’ve had top notch service from Laptop Screen Replace and I just wanted to say how refreshing that is. Replacing it yourself is pretty simple and cheap, but if you're not into DIY repairs, here's an easy alternative solution, as long as you have a white device.

We understand that these situations happen, and we here at Mission Repair are on your side. Our full-time qualified technicians  are dedicated to giving you the most efficient iPad screen repair service available. Only thing is, this wouldn't work for those of you with black iPhones, since the color would not show very well.

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