If you want to know what's inside your new phone and tablet but don't want to tear it apart yourself, the people at iFixit usually have your hookup. Finally, iFixit has been complaining a lot lately about how difficult it is to tear apart certain high-end consumer electronics, but the Nexus 5 actually does pretty well on this front. Recently, Samsung has announced its most awaiting smartphone of 2014 the Galaxy S5, which seems to be pretty promising. At first glance, the appearance of Galaxy S5 is little changed as compared to its predecessor. Frame around the display at the same time became a bit wider and although it doesn’t not spoil the appearance of the device.
The back of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is removable, even with the dust and waterproof characteristics, Samsung was able to provide users the access to the battery with the ability to replace it. Location of controls in Galaxy S5 as compared to S4 has not changed; all the keys are in place.
The sides of the mechanical buttons are touch-sensitive keys, the left, as usual, is responsible for returning the interface to step back.
On the back of the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be found 16 MP camera module, as well as niche with flash and heart rate monitor. At the core level of Samsung Galaxy S5, is a system-on-chip Exynos 5 Octa 5422, built under the scheme big.LITTLE. In the test AnTuTu, not even with the final version of the firmware, Galaxy S5 gaining over 37 thousand points, which are more than the Note 3 and Galaxy S4 respectively.
The pulse sensor is located directly under the camera lens of Samsung Galaxy S5, which let you know your heart rate, just attaching a finger.
Samsung has not radically changed the design of the new flagship Galaxy, maintaining continuity in it, someone will like it, and someone will be upset. I really love the feature of water proof in this phone but the price is real high, is it really 50k Rupees+ ?

Yes Parampreet brother the Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone is really bit overpriced for now but features are flawless.
Yes Ritikia, the phone is overpriced but still if you are planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S series for the first time it is worth it. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily starlink can't take your order(s). Return Policy details Buyers can receive a partial refund, and keep the item(s) if they are not as described, or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with seller.
Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. Today they've torn apart Google and LG's new Nexus 5, which was announced last week and is currently shipping to people who ordered during the first couple hours of availability (as of this writing, you'll have to wait between two and four weeks to get one depending on the model you're trying to order).
The publication praised the Nexus 5 for being reasonably easy to open (it's held together mostly by plastic clips), for using standard Phillips head screws on the inside, and for making wear-prone components like the speakers and headphone jack easy to remove and replace individually. Within in a month it would reach to the market and now it is the time to talk about if Galaxy S5 is worth buying or not? However, in contrast to the same S4, Samsung made a big step forward in terms of quality of materials. Overall, the design of Galaxy S5 in photographs is not impressive, but in real life looks pretty. Density of its 5.1 inches display is 432 pixels per inch and it is enough for comfortable reading texts.
Sensor data can be accessed with S Health app, hope Samsung will open it for other programs. As for content, here Samsung just breaks away, the feeling that the company has decided to equip S5 with all possible features.
This particular NFC controller is noteworthy because it reportedly enables Google Wallet in a way that carriers cannot block.

As is often the case in phones and tablets, though, the LCD panel and the front layer of glass are fused together, meaning if one breaks you'll have to replace both.
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If you start from the front panel, then compared with the S4 it is more rounded, thereby closer to Note 3.
And the front panel of the smartphone is traditionally covered protective with Gorilla Glass, and the rear cover in the S5 is made of soft and soft touch plastic, which is making the unit a pleasure to hold in your hand.
Accordingly, if you use this function to unlock the screen, then doing with one hand it is not very convenient.
To date, the matrix of Android phones that do and don't support Google Wallet has been a bit confusing, so hopefully more OEMs start going this route soon.
Layered on top of the SoC is 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM, an upgrade from the DDR2 RAM used in the Nexus 4. Accordingly, the viewing angles are pretty good and display also has great color rendition but depends on the selected display mode.
In general, Samsung Galaxy S5 has the latest technology in it and just wait and watch story would be better and interesting. Also, Galaxy S5 has not the market and now the rumors regarding the Samsung next beast Galaxy S6 are hitting the web. Also, it is expected other brands are also trying hard to bring the best of out of them and expected smartphones that might give head on competition are LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z3.

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