Folding doors (also known as multifold doors, sliding doors, bi fold doors, concertina doors or folding sliding doors) have become increasingly popular over recent years, and are regulary featured in home improvement programmes or design shows.
Supply and Installation Areas GRP Designs are based in Kettering, Northamptonshire and operate across the East Midlands and surrounding counties. Excellent products, excellent value for money comprehensive product display in showroom, friendly helpful polite hard working fitters. The Beach Cottage is a continually evolving project and changes it seems sometimes almost everyday. The kitchen was probably the worst room in the house, these before photos were when it was looking a whole lot better!
Walls were painted first off with regular old white but have since been re-done with Dulux Whisper White. Left with a shell and very high quotes from a kitchen company we decided IKEA would be a best bet and went for their stand alone, kitchen-in-a-box cabinets. The one and only photo of the main bedroom, taken by Mr Beach Cottage on his phone on that fateful day of the Open House of this old place, where quite comically a gaggle of house-hunters were frantically looking around this parody of a cottage. As you can see dark and grim, tight on space because of a huge built-in that attempted and failed to be a walk-in type thing just viewable on the right of this picture, an old air-conditioning unit that was so fitlhy it felt alive stuck halfway up the wall, horrible never been cleaned carpet, a wardrobe cutting the light to the left of the window and another built-in type thing just to the left of this picture kinda around and over the bed. But look a bit closer, see those yellow walls, not much to do there other than clean and zap, the floor, underneath years of neglect, good as new wood, the ceilings fairly high and nicely edged and most importantly and now very much what I love all through the day, the beautiful Australian sun desperately trying to peek in. It was in dire need of some help and with a hideous amount of dust and grime, this room needed a massive amount of love and thinking power to get it looking better. Next we pulled down the shelving unit thing that took over the wall on the other side and pulled down some coving type material that hid the top of the window.
Now adjacent to this bedroom was the original family bathroom to the old part of the cottage, accessed not from this bedroom but from the hallway and we wanted to change that into an en-suite bathroom for this bedroom…so we made a new opening for the bathroom (I am standing in front of that door taking the photo above), boarded up the old doorway and re-fitted the bathroom.
Nextwe cleaned, disinfected and prepped the walls and then painted everything in a few coats of simple standard white (though in these pics the walls have been re-painted with Dulux White on White).
Once opened we learned that one of the sash ropes was broken and so we had to replace that too, which was a learning curve . All of the other bits and pieces have been gathered and for sure have not cost us much in terms of casheroos but hmm a bit in effort….
So we cleaned, disinfected and prepped the walls and then painted everything in a simple standard white.
One of the things we liked about the cottage on that fateful Open House day was the little sitting room to the front separate from this Family Room at the back but I wanted to make this area nice also,not just a place for the kids to trash. I wanted it sectioned off somehow and to create a multi-functionalliving room with lots of places for us all to do the things we like to do. The computer area is a new addition, so that the kids homework and the like is kept in the family zone and means the study is now all mine. This is for those of you who often email me asking for advice (keep ‘em coming) and might be wailing (like I often do) ‘poor me!!!
So this was the dining room when we came to the Open House, yep these people really did have an Open House in this state.
As we walked around with lots of other people also looking or should I saygasping, we began to think that this could be the one. And then the walls which unlike the older section of the house, thankfully, had no wall coverings on and it was just (ha!) a case of cleaning and painting. You can find more of this dining area, dressed up and ready to work for it’s living,here,here, and my favourite tablescape, including a video (!)here and if you want tablescaping tips on how I do it gohere. So here’s what we did, first we pulled up the carpet layer, then the linoleum layer, then the newspaper layer and underneath we already knew was a beautiful wood plank floor (we sneakily pulled up every piece of carpet as we walked around). Next we painted the whole room in simple, standard white (since been changed to Dulux Whisper White which doesn’t show up but is a touch of cool grey to the white) to clean it up and give us a quick easy palette should we want to change it in the future. Painting everything in white meant we didn’t have to worry about cutting in and meant it was not only much quicker but meant we could buy in bulk meaning more economical.
One of the panes was cracked so we repaired that and I spent a whole morning from very early til after lunch cleaning this one window.

So on the window we added white blinds to emulate plantation shutters but without omitting the beautiful light that streams through here and without the cost.
Crystal door knobs date back as early as the 1800s, when molten glass was first pressed into door knob molds. One popular Art Deco style knob had tiny bubbles inside them and many people today like to use them when they decorate the interior of their homes with that sleek look.
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With reclaimed furniture, parents can get a fabulous look with little expense for their kids’ rooms but what I love most is the instant character that is added to a room. And it doesn’t have to originally been used as furniture to be repurposed into something for kids’ room use. Metal storage bins previously use in a business lend an industrial look to a boy’s room.
See Safely Using Vintage Furniture for tips on how to use old furniture in kids’ rooms. However folding doors are not new, as we have been manufacturing and installing folding doors for Kettering, Northamptonshire since 1988. If you've checked the striker plate and that seems fine, you may need to replace your door hinge pins. The good things were the light and the unusual double aspect window to the corner (some might disagree I liked the quirkiness) and the wood floor. Turned out to be a great decision if not a little ahem irritating having to negotiate IKEA’s infamous stock system, knowledgable, not, staff and crazy instructions written for someone who lives on the moon.
First I used the big IKEA unit as a room divider but it didn’t work at all, cut the room up, blocked the light and encumbered the flow. I think these are the biggest splurge here at the Beach Cottage and lots of people have asked me if I am totally off my head buying white leather sofas with 3 children and more are my kids or guests alowed to move? And added a couple of side tables either side of the sofas and the old whitewashed oars to the wall to integrate more natural textures and that laid-back nautical vibe.
I spent days,not hours cleaning it, the layers of grime in the runner where it opened had to be chipped out with a screwdriver and the architrave was scrubbed with a toothbrush to wash away the sun-caked dirt. It was just near enough to the beach and the school, commutable for Mr BC’s job, it was on a big plot, in a quiet road, with a lake and bush park 5 mins one way, playing fields just down the road and the beach 5 mins the other way. Years and years of neglect were stuck on there – I scrubbed the little runners with a toothbrush.
The faces of the knobs were mostly flat so a person could look inside and see pin-prick, bullet, and star designs that were molded at their bases. The trend of crystal door knobs carried on through the 1940s, but it started to slow down by the 1950s.

Today, they are very sought after and people try to find them at flea markets, salvage yards and garage sales.
These fine door knobs were most often used in Victorian mansions for parlor and dining rooms, where guests were entertained.
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A little romanticism and intrigue is entwined when thoughts of previous owners and prior surroundings come to mind. Reclaim an old folding chair into a nightstand for a bedside lamp and add an old shutter for a vintage backdrop. The down side was it being very small, though I wanted and love a small cottagey kitchen this was on the errrm tiny size. And because of the state of it the price meant we could afford to keep our house in England. Cast iron, bronze and brass door knobs were in short supply because all kinds of metal was needed for ammunition and airplanes back then. The less common types were ones that had color like cobalt and robin’s egg blues, red, violet, amber, emerald, and white milk. You also need to bring along the spindle because knobs that were made after 1900 had their threads inside the shank. The most common ones are the twelve-sided types and you can anticipate paying about $30 to $50 per set. Crystal door knobs have that wonderful “Old World” feeling to them and they add that perfect touch to rooms that have antique furniture.
Add shelves to the inside and refinish letting bits of the previous finish peek through for a look that’s both elegant and classic.
This is though just a kitchen right off this is a breakfast room which we are thinking of opening up and turning into one bigger room.
You need to make sure to correctly fit the spindle to the door knob prior to buying it because setscrews and thread sizes can really vary. Folding doors can be installed to replace an existing patio door or french door, and can be used to open up conservatories, sunrooms or anywhere where you have a wide access.
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