Forget XBOX Support, learn how to fix your XBOX 360 Red Ring Of Death in less then one hour! If you personally own a Xbox just like me, you probably have heard of RRoD, the so called Red Ring of Death.
Such a hardware failure may be caused by many different reasons like cracks in the solder joints, defect coolers or problems with the graphics chip or AC input. Typical signs before a complete failure of your console occurs are strange graphical problems, noisy or frozen sound and sometimes messages showing unreadable discs although they should read fine.
More than 10% of all sold 360 consoles already have been repaired due to those hardware problems.
Last year it was estimated that Microsoft would have to spend an amazing 1 Billion Dollars for fixing all the broken Xbox consoles from the many thousands of frustrated users worldwide. The so called RRoD, also referred to as a “general hardware failure”, is a problem Xbox users are afraid of the most.
This may seem like the most logical step in order to find out what’s wrong with your gaming system.
In case that all red lights are flashing on your Xbox’s power button, your system has simply been overheated. Ok, at first you have to remove all cables from your console besides the power cable that should be left plugged in. If all those first aids mentioned above fail, it’s usually time to send your Xbox 360 to a Microsoft certified repair center. Fortunately, and because I was faced to a serious RRoD problem too, I searched for and found a Do-it-yourself Xbox Repair Guide that showed me exactly how to fix it on my own. I was probably totally cursed with bad luck since I faced 3 of such bad “general hardware failures” as they call it, 3 times that I couldn’t use my Xbox. The Xbox repair guide that I purchased was from James Dean, you can visit his website here.
James Dean will take you through the whole process from start to finish, with full pictures and full HD videos of each process involved to repair your system, including the tools you need, Disassembling your system, making the repairs, to re-assembling your console again. Everything is shown in full detail in their E-Book and full HD videos. This XBOX repair guide was totally worth the money I spent, it shows how to repair your Xbox on your own without having any deep knowledge about the underlying hardware.
If you have any questions about this article, please contact us and we will do our best to help you in any way that we can. Have you been sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next season of The Walking Dead to start? Originally, Microsoft’s Xbox One console would have allowed users to loan out parts of their library to friends and family. Before we show you how to assign a specific Xbox Live console, it is absolutely important that you understand the risks involved in sharing Xbox One games with friends using this method. Unless you’re sitting in front of their console, you’ll need to supply them with the username and password for your Microsoft Account. If you’re not inclined to trust your friend with this information, it’s a good idea to enter the information into their Xbox One yourself. Of course, switching which console you treat as your home console is a long-term solution for what could be a short-term problem for you. It’s a really good idea to keep all of your games on a hard drive so that you can take them with you if you’re going to use the roaming profile method. So you can do this between 3 xbox ones and all xbox ones can play the same game at the same time? My brother has his account on my xbox as well and he downloaded halo chief collection on his xbox digitally, can I also play it on mine if he puts his Xbox as home and I have mine as home?

The Xbox website says: You can use games on the first Xbox 360 console you downloaded it to. My understanding is that this works without an Xbox Live Gold account — the game sharing portion anyway. If I do this with one friend and my home Xbox is on his and if I make my home Xbox on another friend will the first friend still be able to use my content?
Hi i gaved my account to one of my friend but i dont want to share gold anymore is there something i can do to stop sharing gold plisss help ???? If someone gameshares me black ops , and then he gameshares with someone else , will I lose what he gameshared me? Also commonly referred to as 3 Flashing Red Lights, a RRoD is a typical sign for a general hardware failure on your gaming system. Whichever way you look at it, it’ll definitely stop you from using your console until you send it back to a Microsoft XBOX 360 repair center for repair. Most, but not all of these signs often time lead to a RRoD, which simply means time for a repair. For some reason, something has terribly gone bad while Microsoft released their system several years ago, over 10% of defect consoles is way too much in my opinion.
All the trouble because of some serious mistakes being made in the planning stage of the 360 console. Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, many people don’t think about simply checking those cables first.
Make sure to turn it off and let it cool down for about an hour or so, then try turning it back on again.
Second, put one or two dry towels around your Xbox and make sure to cover all fans and holes. This is because damaged solder joints, that are usually the main reason for a Xbox to fail, will melt and therefore start to get back their connections to the motherboard. Many people left stuck with a non-functioning Xbox 360’s and had to send it back to Microsoft to let them fix those problems. It’s way too much to talk about here in this article, but in short it is a huge collection of quality video tutorials showing you step-by-step instructions on how to fix your Xbox. The first time I sent it back for repair, there wasn’t any problem although it took them nearly 2 weeks to ship my system back. You aren't the only one, we are all excited to see what is in store for our favorite characters. With Home Gold, users are able to assign a specific Xbox One console as their “Home console.” Even when users log out of their home console, others are able to access Xbox Live and play their titles with no problem. That’s the same username and password that’s attached to your credit card information if you’ve added it to any Microsoft service. Because of this, setting the Xbox One at your friend’s house as your home console means any other Xbox Live accounts on your console will instantly lose Xbox Live Home Gold benefits. Roaming profiles allows Xbox One owners to sign into another users console without necessarily assigning it as their home console. Since all game saves on Xbox Live are synced, you’ll have all the latest progress from your titles at home – provided your console at home is connected to the internet.
She has been out of a job for eight months but last month her check was $16467 just working on the laptop for a few hours.
Although a repair should fall under your console’s warranty, you’d still have to wait up to 15 days before you will see your beloved 360 again. Although you can get this repair done in a Microsoft repair center, you should also know that it will take a lot of time until you get it back.

So my advice, first check that all your cables are plugged in properly and snug before proceeding any further!
You should also check if there’s dust somewhere within your console’s vents or in the cooling fans. Third, turn your console on and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes in order to overheat it (yes, you heard right). Sounds really scary and, in fact, I personally have never used that trick on my own console, although many people report of having successfully “repaired” their Xbox using this trick. That usually takes time, and also money to get the repair done if your warranty has run out.
Sure the XBOX repair guide costs some bucks, but at least for me it had definitely paid off (hey, it’s only around $25). You can order it here, on that site you’ll also find way more detailed information about the product!
That change in plans doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for you to still share your Xbox One games with your friends and family. You will be able to lock down your account so that they don’t have access to your sensitive information. If your kids or significant other uses your Xbox One and a separate Microsoft Account to access Xbox Live and your games, setting someone else’s Xbox One as your home console will take away their privileges. Note that in some cases Xbox One gets confused if there’s a copy of a game stored locally and another stored on an external hard drive. Usually it takes around 14 days, but I’ve also heard of people waiting for nearly 2 months! You may even have a broken cable, check them for any twisting or signs that they may be broken, if they are, fix those first. If you see dust build up, first vacuum your cooling vent holes clean, then use a can of compressed air to blow it out. As already said, I bought the repair guide and successfully fixed my Xbox 2 times afterwards (yes, the problem occurred again after some months). Now my gaming system is running fine again, and I hope yours will too for many years to come.
There’s a tiny little detail in Microsoft’s explanation of Xbox Live Home Gold that pretty great. Thankfully, you can change your home console back to your own at any time and reclaim those game sharing privileges for your own household. Don’t even think about this if your warranty has run out, then you’d have to pay for such a repair. The first step to building your own controller will be to choose from one of our seventeen incredible designs, and we even have lots of zombie Xbox One controllers! After you choose your design, you can customize your new controller in so many incredible ways. When you are done, you will be able to survive the zombie apocalypse in style!Have you been sitting around, waiting to learn about what will happen to your favorite characters in season five of The Walking Dead.The new season won't start again until October. Stop wasting your time pining away for the new season to come out, and instead, spend it making your way through the newest Walking Dead game with your brand new custom Xbox One controller.

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