Fix My Home Computer provides onsite computer repairs Brisbane services to home computer users throughout many areas of Queensland, including Brisbane. Whether it’s for banking, shopping, school homework, contacting friends and family, entertainment or even running your home business, your computer has become an essential tool for managing your busy life. When something goes wrong, you need someone who understands computers to fix your problem quickly.
Customers of Fix My Home Computer have given a five-star rating for excellence in customer service because of the personalised and reliable service, competitive pricing, and successful completion rate. If you have a small, niggling computer problem, or you have a more serious problem with your computer desktop, laptop or peripheral devices, call Fix My Home Computers for prompt, no-hassle computer repair Brisbane or any of the surrounding suburbs. For computer servicing issues and laptop repairs Brisbane, call 0410 659 349 to book an appointment.

Serving local residents, businesses, and governments in Montgomery and Bucks County, PA since 1998. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In fact, we are one of the best on-site computer repair Brisbane providers, with a qualified and highly experienced computer technician available to fix most of your desktop and laptop problems. You need your computer to be working at its best so you can get on with what you have to do. Fix My Home Computer uses a Microsoft certified technician, who has years of experience working for the biggest computer company in the world serving customers as a Help Desk operator.
We can agree on the charge rate before starting and keep you informed on every step of the repair process.

You can’t afford to have it freeze or refuse to start, run slowly, have annoying pop-ups and error messages appearing and you certainly can’t afford to lose data. He understands how computers and devices work and understands the Windows platform to be able to troubleshoot and fix problems quickly – usually within an hour. Once resolved, we will return to your home to set up your system including ensuring critical activities like your internet connection, emails and printing are all working. You’ll receive a follow-up call within a few days to confirm that your workstation is working well.

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