Save your favorite design, share your ideas, work together to design your own ring or other custom jewelry, get prices, inspiration and innovative ideas.
Work directly with our Artists to imagine, sketch, engineer and craft an Unique Engagement Ring. At Green Lake Jewelry Works, our restoration specialists can repair anything, from your class ring to your wedding ring.
Green Lake Jewelry Works casts all rose gold pieces in our Seattle workshop, using the highest quality alloy to craft one of a kind rings and new heirlooms for generations to come.
Green Lake fashions increasingly delicate, precise, and creative custom engagement rings year after year. Because you love your jewelry and want it to last for generations we offer a full service shop for maintaining and repairing your treasures. Utilizing a mix of traditional technique as well as advanced laser welding technology we produce the most seamless repairs possible.

Having a custom ring crafted is no more costly than purchasing a generic engagement ring from display case. When you need repair and restoration we will take time to review your piece with you and even teach you how to identify your own diamond in our magnified viewing screen. Within the large varieties of cheap jewelry available in the market, necklace is always the most preferred piece among women. This style is longer than the princess necklace & lays on the chest above the cleavage. The rope necklace is a bold look that can be wrapped, taking it from a single long strand to multiple shorter strands.
The lariat length normally consists of a long piece of beading quite commonly without a clasp that is worn looped or "tied" in the front, & similar to the rope necklace it can become a multi-strand necklace.
Because we do all work in house your jewelry will never leave the store without your express permission.

Chokers will complement just about any size neckline but make sure that the width of your choker is appropriate to the length of your neck.
A necklace with some length, 20 inches or longer, can draw the eye away from the chin and neck area to create a leaner appearance.
This is a very versatile necklace as it can be worn in multiple styles , A rope necklace can be worn as double or triple strands. Because of its versatile length, it may be tried in a knot for an appealing contemporary look.

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