The Hydraulic Centre is the best equipped and most experienced hydraulic repair company in the UK.
We carry a wide range of hydraulic equipment including Pumps, Motors, Valves, Cylinders and Accumulators.
We offer a full repair, tests and re-certification service for all your Accumulators to meet your compliance and insurance requirments. We supply products from ALL the leading manufacturers, including Vickers, Rexroth and Denison. We understand that when something fails, the pressure is on to get your equipment working again. TDR Computers use the latest diagnostic equipment and software to pinpoint the hardware problem with your desktop PC. All repairs to desktop computers are carried out in our Maldon store and we keep you informed of the current cost of the parts and labour so you don’t receive any nasty shocks when the PC repair is completed.
If you have any problem not specified here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Hold the two paddles together and trim the edges so they are exactly symmetrical using a rasp.
Glue the small, cut piece of paddle to the first, whole paddle using construction adhesive.

Measure from the fold in the newspaper down the number of inches you calculated in the previous step. Draw a line from the widest point of the bellows straight to the folder edge of the paper, using a straightedge. Cover the nozzle end of the bellows with the boot and glue it in place with contact cement. If you make a fireplace blower yourself and install it yourself you can save a lot of money in the process.
Fireplace blowers help the fireplace perform efficiently for its original purpose -- to heat your home.
Using a fireplace insert is a wonderful way to create an efficient heat producing appliance out of a very inefficient fireplace. Our repair service will identify physical problems with motherboards, Hard Drives, RAM, Graphic Cards, Hard Drives and all other components.
The shape should be almost like a teardrop with a flat space at the end where you will attach the nozzle. Draw another line 2 inches up from the nozzle end of the paddle so that it crosses the first paddle at a right angle. You can also add ornate detail to the wood at this point or finish it using another approach, as desired.

Measure from this point in the middle of the paddle, up over the shoulder and back to the same point on the other side of the opposite paddle. Lay the bellows on the newspaper at this point so that the wide end of the bellows' is lined up at this point.
If the hem doesn't fold easily, cut triangle-shaped notches at each of the four corners, in the center of each width end and two in the middle of each length. Attach the leather to each side of the bellows and secure it with decorative carpet tacks at 1-inch intervals. Ensure the template is symmetrical on both sides by folding it in half when you are finished. If you’re suffering from these problems, bring your desktop to TDR Computers, and we’ll solve your problems with our quick, reliable, cost effective PC repair service.

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