I decided to update my projects to 4.5 because I had no luck installing the offered Multi targeting pack (errors see below). Unfortunately, VS does not show 4.0 as a target by default (when changing the target for an updated project), but redirects me to the page where I can download the Multi targeting pack. So far so good, but I wasn't able to install any of the offered downloads (neither runtime nor targeting pack) again. Setup has detected that this computer does not meet the requirements to install this software.
Installing VS2010 did the trick, but it seems that it installs several multi targeting packs to. Is “get + person’s name + ed” a common usage in English to mean “become the person like somebody”?
The error is caused when the installation for one of the Microsoft Office programs is not completed successfully.

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After starting the AR scrutinizes various settings, configuration settings and system files. The following blocking issues must be resolved before you can install KB2600213 software package. Please repair your installation for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 in order to get this update.

This is a very common type of Framework for most computers, but is constantly being damaged.
The registry is a database inside the Windows system which stores important settings & options for your PC. Unfortunately, this database is continually being damaged, preventing the installation of Microsoft Office 2010 from being able to use it correctly. Installation of conflict programs, as well as the time is not updated drivers may have a negative effect on the operation.

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