Next is to peel the cable clear tape first before disconnecting the cable from the back of the screen.
Always order the right screen for you HP G62 screen and HP G56 laptop screen for your notebook.
Laptop Screen Online is a leading online retailer of LCD and LED replacement laptop screens, offering products as well as in-depth instructions and laptop screen repair services for broken laptop screens. In this blog I will show you how to remove the broken screen from laptop series HP Probook 4320, 4320S, 4510, 4510s, 4515s, 4520, 4520s. Removing the battery is essential as failure to do so may cause the laptop backlight or any other part to malfunction after the replacement.

The trick is to put an object at the back of the screen as shown in the image pull the plastic bezel towards you a little.
The trick is to free this cables so that they do not snap during the removal of the screen.
With over 19,500 laptop screens in stock, Laptop Screen Online have a selection of Acer, Compaq, Samsung, Packard Bell, and Toshiba screens among others suitable for a host of laptop models.
This means that the laptop should be place at the edge of the table while removing the screen. This screen replacement guide will show you step by step how to replace a HP defective screen.

There are other slower and harder way which will require you to dismantle the whole laptop.

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