Sometimes i got emails from fellow members about whether the TV tuner can be repaired or not. 9-10 years ago I used to do a lot of tuner repairs in the RCA CRT TVs, they were famous for the "onboard tuners" that were a part of the main PCB and so they could not be replaced or removed and sent off for rebuild.
Also I forgot to mention, conection problems would also be on other areas with in the tuner as well and also the tuner problems would cause strange symptoms sometimes that would not normally be something you would suspect to be related to the tuner.
Wow, I can't believe tip top tuner is still around I used to use them back in the day as well. Some have better video quality than others, some have hardware mpeg encoding processors so when you record video (esp HD video) it barley uses your CPU, others don't work in Windows 7 x64 so well. Since this is an old machine i suggest that you make sure the output voltages from the SMPS are good and no bad e-caps.
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How fix samsung dlp tv ehow, How fix samsung dlp tv safely panel instructions owner making connections clean.
Morgan davis – buzzing samsung led tv noise, Buzzing about samsung led tv noise however please do check all connections to the unit as a it makes not so irritating noise from back of the panel only when.
How fix samsung dlp tv ehow, How to fix samsung dlp tv you can then safely take the back panel off by following the instructions in your owner making sure all the connections are clean. I'm a student in Kuala Lumpur but am interested in learning TV repair through direct training.
Maybey some oldtimers who have been around the block like me on old tv's can relate to this. Fortunately the main cause of failure was bad ground connections, the solder from the ground pads around the edge of the tuner circuit that connected to the housing would crack and need to be resoldered.

Read some symptoms here and even get a template for some of the bad connections are sometimes located although this template does not show what I new to be the most common which was the ground connection failures. Some of the components do not even have part numbers especially the small SMD transistors and the schematics are hard to find too. Some of the tuners have the silicone glue covering the whole board making troubleshooting even tougher.
Finally turned out to be something stupid like a 100meg resistor open in the if circuit that developed agc voltage.
You should check all voltages on the tuner good with a scope to make sure it is good and ripple free.
Inject 45.75 if signal into the tuner output to make sure if and video circuits are all good. I used to disconnect the agc pin and use 9volt battery and pot to put a varying voltage on the line.

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