It is very rare, but there are people who might have faced the problem of cracked screen with their Sony Bravia liquid crystal LCD. If the TV is still under warranty, the company will replace the screen for you free of cost.
Here are a few ways in which you can get a new LCD screen installed in place of the cracked screen of your Sony Bravia TV.
The representative will take your details like name, telephone number, address as well as the make and model number of the Bravia LCD. Here at HDTVTest, our primary interest is in picture quality, so let’s find out if the UE40ES5500 manages to do great things at a low price.
Note: The specific model we reviewed was the UE40ES5500KXXU, which is the 3-pin-plug UK version.
The UE40ES5500 is a nice reminder that although they’re often imitated, Samsung are still the king of TV aesthetics. The UE40ES5500 features the same interface as higher-end Samsung HDTVs, although unsurprisingly, not all of the advanced picture setup controls are present at this price level. Note: Our Samsung UE40ES5500 review sample was calibrated using Calman Professional, the industry-leading video calibration software. Even before we took our Klein K-10 measuring device to the Samsung UE40ES5500′s screen, we could tell from eye that its images were tinted blue.
By measuring test patterns while manipulating the [White Balance] controls, we were able to eliminate the blue tint – at least, with brighter shades (shown at the right of the graph above). Unlike some older Series 5 models, the Samsung UE40ES5500 has no advanced colour management controls, meaning that we couldn’t make precise adjustments. Seems there is a problem with some power supplies on several Samsung Flat Panel LCD TV models.
I first noticed it taking longer to power on with the relay clicking more and more, taking longer and longer to see a picture. It would have failed completely, no doubt but I was already frustrated waiting 5 min to see the news I just missed!
It looks to me as if there was a batch of faulty capacitors else they are under rated for the job.
You'll also need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the back panel, it comes off easily ONCE you find all the screws. Remove the back panel, locate the Power PCB (See below) unplug all connections (most have catches you push in to release) then remove the 6 screws holding the board.

I heated each leg of the old caps and kept moving the cap while the solder cooled, this creates a "dry joint" and you can pull the cap like a tooth easily, leaving a hole for the new cap's lead. Solder in the new caps, get the solder HOT else you could end up with a dry joint that you don't want. If you want to say thanks have a look around the site or click on an advert if one interest you.
However, if the LCD TV is out of warranty period then you will have to shell out a hefty sum for a new display screen; almost half of what you paid for the entire Bravia set! The number for the customer service is on the paperwork given to you at the time of purchase. You will be asked to produce these documents if the LCD screen does not function properly on replacement.
While we did not test the smaller, 32-inch Samsung UE32ES5500, there shouldn’t be any drastic difference in picture performance given similar specifications within the ES5500 range.
The 40″ LCD screen is surrounded by a slim (approx 1cm thick) black bezel, which, in turn, is surrounded by a thinner border of transparent acrylic. Importantly for users who’ll calibrate the LED TV with test patterns and a measuring device, there are [White Balance] and [Gamma] options.
We also made sure any picture altering systems such as Dynamic Contrast and Noise Reduction were shut off. We weren’t able to do anything about the blue-tinted shadow areas (shown left), because this is caused by the LED light sources themselves. We did our tests in a not entirely darkened, but fairly dim room, so we attempted to hit a gamma of 2.4 (which is now used in studio environments during the mastering of films). Because of the aforementioned blue tint its images had, all of the other colours were slightly biased towards blue – most noticeably magenta, which measured more purple-ish. However, after we dialled out the blue tint during Greyscale calibration, colour was much healthier. Although an adjustment of [Tint] brought magenta into line, blue was a little too purple and green was mildly oversaturated. We could have adjusted the main [Colour] control downwards so that green would measure perfectly, but again, because the UE40ES5500 only has one control for all the colours rather than six individual adjustments, that would have made all the other colours too dull, so we accepted this as the lesser evil.
I found the solder wick fairly useless with my 25W soldering iron but I didn't want to use too much heat and cook the board. You can try solder wick (50w iron needed?) I found heating the joints while moving the caps got them out and left a nice lead hole.

This will let the representative know whether your Sony Bravia LCD is under warranty or not. Get in touch with the contractors and give them a convenient time to come and make replacements. Hang around while the technician in doing his job so as to ensure proper completion of the task. This thin border looks like glass, and helps blend the television in with its surroundings.
There is no in-depth adjustment of colour, but there is a basic [Colour Space] control which offers two different modes. After this, we used test patterns to adjust as many of the settings as we could with our eyes alone. Although the tint is more extreme than we’d hoped for, an excess of blue is at least better than an excess of red or green. On Samsung LCD televisions, the [White Balance] controls manipulate the colour of grey shades by making adjustments in the TV’s video processor chip, whereas the excess of blue in dark areas is caused by a physical characteristic (light from the LEDs leaking through in dark scenes). To state the obvious example, this meant that skin tones had a slightly frosty look to them.
Many times the third part contractors will give you discounted warranty on the parts they have replaced.
That also means that, the higher you have the [Backlight] control set, the more the blue tint will creep into brighter shades. It’s only at more saturated levels that things begin to go slightly off-hue (check red and magenta, which start fairly centered but veer a little off course near the edge of the diagram). If the LCD screen is less than 30 inches, it has to be mailed to Sony Service Center for screen replacement. During real-world viewing, we saw no issues with gamma tracking: the picture looked natural and realistic, without any obviously exaggerated shadow details or dulled highlights, backing up what the measurements above told us. If you’re used to watching displays which do better in this regard, you might notice some small inaccuracies, particularly with films or TV shows which rely heavily on the use of stylised colour to evoke a mood. With everyday images, there were no glaringly unrealistic examples visible without a side-by-side comparison with a better-performing HDTV.

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