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4K x 2K SupportĀ – Resolution on par with state-of-the-art Digital Cinema projectors used in the local multiplexes will be coming to your living rooms. HDMI Conectors such as HDMI couplers for joining two HDMI cables together, both straight and right angled, and right adaptors to plug cables into the back of TV's where these are close to the wall, check orientation of connectors, you may need NX-HDMI-028 or NX-HDMI-030.
Bandridge connectors have a reputation for Quality construction and long lasting performance This recognised Brand Name in HDMI Video Cables can always be relied on to produce Quality Audio connectors.
Click "Related Products" below to see other items you might need with this product, or similar items you might require. A right Angled HDMI Connector sometime used in right angled wall plates for connecting HDMI Cables to wall plates, Supports full 3D and HDMI High Speed Connections.
A Gold plated HDMI adaptor which turns an existing HDMI socket through 90 Degrees horizontally.
A useful Displayport to HDMI convertor allowing you to use HDMI Cables with Computers or workstations that have Displayport connections. Designed and Manufactured exclusively for Nexxia, this HDMI connector is ideal for wall plate assemblies. A short HDMI Tail socket to socket which can be used in place of standard HDMI inserts on wall plates featuring normal HDMI connectors. HDMI is the only cable that can transfer uncompressed high-definition video and multi channel digital audio in resolutions higher than 1440p. This eliminates the need for a separate audio cable and ensures you maintain the high digital audio quality of HDMI.

Each of these promise to deliver a wider palette of colors to bring you more vibrant pictures. These Bandridge High Speed HDMI connectors allow easier installation of HDMI Cables in tight spaces. They will support version 1.4 connections and are ideal for use with our range of HDMI wall plates.
They will support version 1.4 connections and are ideal for use with our range of HDMI cables.
They will support version 1.4 connections and are ideal for use with our range of HDMI wall plates. They will support version 1.3 connections and are ideal for use with our range of HDMI wall plates. As used in all our HDMI Angled wall plates, the 110 Degree angle ensures good clearance on the back of the wall plate, allowing for a thickness of panel below the wall plate. The cable will allow the transfer of digital audio and video in a single cable, permitting a less confusing mess of wires and a cleaner entertainment center. The HDMI Plug rotates 180 Degrees and also swivels 180 Degrees, ideal for LED or Flat screen TV's. HDMI cables can be used with your HDTV’s, DVD players, game consoles, cable and satellite set top boxes and DVRs.
En este Post vamos a tratar de dar las respuestas a esas preguntas y algunas más de una manera sencilla pero completa. HDMI, que significa?
Es una norma para transmitir audio y vídeo digital sin comprimir de un equipo a otro.

Por lo tanto, con el HDMI no necesitamos dos cables para conectar dos equipos con ese tipo de conexión. Esto significa que podemos conectar una fuente HDMI a un equipo con conexión DVI o un equipo con DVI a una pantalla con entrada HDMI.
De forma general podemos decir que cualquiera de ellos te sirven en condiciones normales y sin tener largos cables en funcionamiento.
Esto se llama HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), y la mayoría de nuevos equipos ya son compatibles.
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