Malcolm Mayes March 4, 2015: Jim Prentice will fill $7-Billion hole with Public Service Workers. Malcolm Mayes March 5, 2015: Jim Prentice thinks Albertans should look in the mirror to find who is responsible for fiscal crisis. Malcolm Mayes March 9, 2015: Stephen Harper cuts Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta and Ontario. Malcolm Mayes March 12, 2015: Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau push back and forth on the niqab issue.
Malcolm Mayes March 18, 2015: Stephen Harper embarrasses Lady Justice with Niqab appeal and Tory outbursts. Malcolm Mayes March 20, 2015: Father and son discuss the CRTC pick and pay directive for cable TV companies.
Malcolm Mayes March 23, 2015: Jim Prentice ignores Alberta Sales tax -- the Elephant in the room. Malcolm Mayes March 24, 2015: Version 2 Alberta Premiers offer the same solutions throughout different eras.
Malcolm Mayes March 26, 2015: Alberta oil tanker attempts to change course while hung up on the rocks. The Van Horne barn was built in 1898 for a cost of $20,000, which today would be more than $500,000 US. The historic two-storey barn attached to the Van Horne estate on Ministers Island is in urgent need of repair. Ministers Island, lying just off the shore near Saint Andrews, was the summer home of Sir William Van Horne, the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Much has been done to restore the main house, but the massive livestock barn that dates back to the 1890s is one major storm away from falling apart. Volunteers who look after the site launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise $30,000 to do emergency repair work on the structure's massive turreted silos. A full restoration of the barn, part of the non-profit board's five-year goal, will cost $261,000.
The Van Horne barn was built in 1898 at a cost of $20,000, which today would be more than $500,000 US.
By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. The Hunter Brothers Farm Market in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick has chosen an iconic Blue Jays moment from last year's playoff run as the subject of their 2016 corn maze. Harry Forestell asks Education Minister Brian Kenny for more details about how the government's new plans will address specific challenges for students and teachers. Harry Forestell talks to Treasury Board President Roger Melanson about the intricacies of its contingency reserve and deficit forecasting for the province. Juixiang Liu said she had no notice Bell was planning to dig up city land next to her house.
A Toronto woman was shocked to arrive home to find a massive hole in her front lawn and her water shut off this winter.
Liu said the company called her this week to offer to pay the bills associated with the repairs, fix her lawn once the weather improves and give her three months of free internet a€” something she said she may decline.
Liu is also upset with the city, which she said should be more careful when it comes to issuing work permits. A Bell spokesperson said that the maintenance work was being done on equipment buried in a city easement in front of Liu's house and that the work was authorized by the city.

City spokesperson Lyne Kyle said it's Bell's responsibility to notify homeowners at least 48 hours before work begins, though there are different rules for emergency work and pre-planned construction.
Kyle also confirmed by email that Toronto Water was called to the home to deal with the broken pipe.
Jacqueline White, the city's director of transportation services for North York, said the 48 hours notice is more like a courtesy and is not enforced. There is also no penalty for a utility provider if a property owner doesn't receive a heads up of upcoming work, she said. When she got home, "I found a big hole filled with water and an orange fence," Liu said.
By Tuesday night at 9, city workers had fixed the broken pipe and restored water to the home, but since the pipe was still uncovered, Liu said city workers told her to keep the water running so it wouldn't freeze. Last week, Liu received a water bill for $267.73 a€” up dramatically from her previous payments.
Liu said above all she wants an end to the predicament, and hopes nobody else has to go through something similar. These kids are hoping the Christie Pits pool reopens before they go back to school in the fall. When the city learned of the problems at the Alex Duff Memorial Pool it hoped the contractor would take care of the repairs in April, before the summer season. When they pulled back the pool liner workers discovered large gaps in the concrete, slowing down repairs.
As for the current situation, Pereira says "I don't see why it would take two months for it to still be like this.
In many cases, says Robert Slack, owner of Sweet Pool Restorations, it comes down to bureaucracy. The city expects the lap pool to reopen on Saturday; the dive pool will remain closed until mid-August.
When asked why the process was taking so long a city spokesperson told CBC that "As with any significant capital project, issues arise through the course of our work. Hoff says Ledcor realized "the extent of the deficiencies" in Rohl's work during the summer of 2015.
Inspection reports began highlighting problems in 2015, including numerous occasions where inspectors alerted the contractor of areas where the fibre line cable was exposed or poking above ground. Julie Green, MLA for Yellowknife Centre, questioned McLeod on the degree to which the government is overseeing the project. Yellowknife RCMP gave a press conference Thursday afternoon, updating media and the public about the ongoing search for escaped prisoner Denecho King. Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo made a statement today in CBC's Iqaluit newsroom, apologizing for an 'inappropriate relationship' that led to his leaving the Liberal Caucus. A Ryerson University student has built an greenhouse on the Arctic Circle that allows people in the far North to grow fresh produce. More than a week ago, according to one resident at the Aura condominiums on Yonge Street just south of College Street, building management announced that all elevators were down.
The announcement came early on the morning of July 25, not long after heavy rains pelted the city.
Management got one elevator working up to the 55th floor, and residents on higher floors had to walk down, Jim McNally told CBC News. Aura resident Jim McNally says he's fine with taking extra time to get in and out of his home due to out-of-service elevators.

A spokesperson for Otis would not say what has caused the elevators to go down or why it's taking so long to make repairs. However, he's concerned about potential repeat problems: an elevator went out a year ago and it was a month before a new circuit board could be brought in from overseas, he said.
And he's concerned about what might happen if a resident had to call 911 and elevator access to their floor was compromised.
At 78 storeys, the Aura condo building at Yonge and College streets is one of the tallest residential towers in Canada. The yellow line of the Montreal Metro will be closed every Saturday and Sunday between March 8 and May 25 while workers repair the vaulted ceiling. People commuting between Longueuil and Montreal may run into some snags in trying to cross over the St.
The yellow line of the Montreal Metro will be down every Saturday and Sunday from March 8 until May 25 as workers make repairs to the vaulted ceiling in the tunnel between Berri-UQAM and Longueuil stations. The line will also be closed on the weekends between September and December, but will operate normally during the summer months, for a total 25 weekends this year. According to the STM, groundwater has seeped into the concrete and through the tunnel roof, causing damage. The STM said it will also add drainage ducts to the vaulted ceiling, as well as perform electrical work.
The group wants to open up more areas of the barn to the public and eventually host weddings, general meetings and cultural events. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever.
Her family was left without water for more than a day after the contractor hit a water pipe.
Routine maintenance carried out by Bell that was approved by the city but wound up breaking a water pipe.
The company, she said, only offered to reimburse her after CBC News began looking into the story.
He used to take on large-scale projects but stopped doing so because even simple jobs became unnecessarily complicated. Some of the issues were also reported in a series of inspections conducted by the territorial government.
A site administrator for the condo told CBC News that management is waiting to hear from the elevator service company, Otis.
Although the safety of transit users is not at all at issue, if we want to act responsibly, we must carry out this work in 2014," said Carl Desrosiers, STM's chief executive officer, back in December when the work was announced. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. The only warning she had was that her daughter had mentioned a work crew a€” either Bell or Rogers a€” had arrived shortly before she left for school.

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