This page contains pictures of Big Screen TVs with GLARE from factory screen protectors, torn TV screens, cracked screen protectors, damage from TVs that happened while customers were moving and more. Any lines, dots or random characters then the fault may either be caused by a faulty screen, a motherboard fault or it could even be a defective cable which passes through the laptop hinge. Dark screen (ghost image) can be caused by a faulty screen, but is more likely to be caused by the back light not illuminating.
Yorkshire Repairs can replace your laptop screen quickly and every screen comes with a 12 month warranty against defect. As with many things not every laptop is the same so to ensure we are fitting the correct screen and to be able to give you a definitive cost we would need to have the laptop into our Repair Centre. Needing to get your Laptop fixed but unable to get into our shop?  Why not use our free collection and delivery service around Yorkshire.  Please take a look at our Collection and Delivery page for further details.
If you have any questions or need further information please call our office on 0113 8272121. If you happen to have an external monitor available to you, you can probably attach the external monitor to your laptop to buy your time before having your laptop screen repair done or replace the entire laptop.

It is possible to take care of the laptop screen repair yourself, but if you are unsure about it, just contact a professional computer technician for assistance.  If fixing it yourself, you do want to make sure you follow the laptop manual beforehand and take your time if you fix it yourself.
We can recover lost files that were accidentally deleted or damaged from a hard drive crash.
STORE INFO: By appointment only(504) 289-1109 4715 Freret StNew Orleans, LA 70115 (504) 289-1109 Check-in with us on Yelp!
We have been repairing Apple products since 2003, long before there was an Apple Store and we will beat any written quote from any Apple Authorized Service Provider. The customer was unable to watch TV due to the overwhelming GLARE from the factory screen protector. It may show lines, random characters, white or black dots, or show a very dark ghost image. Back light illumination is very complex, faults usually occur due to either a broken back light lamp, failed high voltage inverter, broken cable, faulty motherboard or faulty switch. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.

Don't get us wrong, we love our Apple Store, but sometimes we can beat their quotes by as much as half price! He was not able to because the factory screen protector had such terrible reflection that all he could see was his windows, mini-blinds, curtains and furniture instead of his TV show. No content or pictures may be used or copied without the express written consent of Susan Jonesia. Cracks may be caused by accident, or sometimes when the lid is opened quickly against stiff hinges. The landing hit the corner of the TV and cracked the fresnal screen (the inside screen)and damaged the actual TV screen.

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