Kasia needs some advice: "I have a coffee table that got ruined after I put a hot pizza box on it one night.
Share Now that you have chosen the best hardwood flooring company in Indiana to refinish your floors, it is time to pick the perfect stain color! Considering how many color stain options are available, choosing a stain color can be daunting. Your maintenance level: Lighter stains are easier to maintain because scratches, dents, dog fur, dirt and dust are not as readily shown. We have helped thousands of our Indiana neighbors choose the perfect stain for their hardwood floors and we can help you! Enter your e-mail below to receive a FREE 2-page guide about the hottest flooring trends in 2016 provided by Floor Craft Sanding, the Indianapolis area's Premier Hardwood Flooring Company.
Polo Painting will handle your job professionally, efficiently, and offer a free estimate for all projects.
Paints and stains for exterior use are especially formulated to provide protection to wood, stucco, masonry, hardiplank, and other exterior materials that can deteriorate if not protected. Interior painting involves not only the area to be painted but also the surrounding areas in a home or office. Power washing can renew the exterior wood, masonry, and stucco surfaces of your home or deck without additional work.

Someone told me since its bent plywood and there even might be a veneer on it that it would be hard to sand but also not knowing what kind of finish is on it might ruin it. And after its cleaned up what is the best thing to put on it so A) It looks the same and B) this doesnt happen again (even on accident).
During our first on-site consultation in your home, we can advise you on the best stain for your floors.  The difference in how woods absorb a stain is another reason that we show the stain on your hardwood floors and not on a pre-stained sample (see process below). Preparing floor.  We will sand a small section of your floor and prepare it exactly the same way we will when we complete the entire process. Add stain.  After a thorough consultation, we will add the best stain color choice to a few of the prepared boards. Continue the process until the perfect stain is found.  If you are not pleased with the first color, we modify the next selection (darker, redder, lighter, etc). Whether your project is an entire commercial complex, interiors for a new tenant, house exterior, interior room, or just a feature wall, call us for your painting needs. We know the type of surface preparation, undercoats, and primers that will provide the best adhesion for the paint. We know how to protect your building so that all of the paint, stain, and other materials stay within desired parameters.
Usually power washing is a preliminary step on buildings that do need painting or other repair.

We will continue to do this until you are satisfied with your choice.  Typically this only takes two or three trials until we find the perfect stain for you. If there is damaged wood or other materials, we will repair and replace the area prior to beginning other work.
We will help you select colors and finishes that complement your home or office and keep them looking fresh for years to come.
Darker stains will mask many imperfections in your wood, but may require you to clean the floors more often. For homes or businesses with storm damage, repair and replacement of siding is an emergency job. If the areas are not repaired and replaced quickly it will cause further damage of the surrounding materials.

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