Just over 2 months after buying the unit, our cable suddenly stopped working on our new Samsung B630 LCD TV. After installing the new motherboard, the TV flashed a red error message at the top of the set.
It is interesting that Samsung would not quality check their mainboards before sending them out in to the field. LCD TV Repair, Big Screen, Wide Screen, Flat Screen, Flat Panel, Plasma, LED, DLP, HDTV, Rear Projection, and Traditional TV Repair.
But flat screen TVs are falling on kids, too, and a new survey shows few parents are installing those in the safest way.
That's where Heather Poole, 26, of Surprise, Ariz., had a bedroom TV for her son, Brayden Lee Rodgers.
Poole has started a non-profit to warn other parents and help them safely install and secure their TVs.
The commission report says an additional 12 people, mostly children, were killed by falling furniture and appliances other than TVs in 2011 and that a total of 349 deaths from TVs, furniture and appliances have been reported since 2000. Please visit Brace It For Brayden and keep all of our children safe from dangers that may be overlooked in our homes.

Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. FCC Commercial License, Previous owner of Electronics Repair shop, 40+ years in electronic systems. Consumer Product Safety Commission shows 29 people, mostly children, were killed by falling TVs in the USA in 2011 alone, making it one of the worst years on record for such tragedies. In fact, safety experts say the switch may be making the problem worse as consumers take old, heavy sets out of their family rooms and put them atop unstable bedroom dressers and playroom shelves. That's despite the fact that a cluster of TV tip-over deaths among children in the Chicago area made national news earlier this year. Falling TVs, furniture and appliances injure more than 43,000 people a year, the report says.
You'll need to take your TV, lay it face down on a blanketed table near a power plug or on the floor. I am in the UK so the prices etc you quote are probably less relevent and I will leave the decision about what testing to do to the engineer that visits.

It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult. I liked that I could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around. And 18,000 people a year, mostly children, are treated for injuries from falling TVs, the commission says. When I try to turn on by pressing button on side of tv or using remote control the red light flickkers more but no other response. After getting the details of the problem, they moved the schedule to Tuesday and said they would bring the components that they felt would fix the HDMI problem.

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