PRICES BELOW ARE FOR COMPLETE TABLES, TOP AND BASE.If you like any design below you can make a custom order.
One restorative option is to replace just the vinyl strap on your pieces for an updated look. Do you have patio furniture with slings that are faded, torn or just tired of looking at the same old fabric pattern? Our goal is to eliminate that long painstaking process by coming out to your residence or commercial site.

We will determine what kind of furniture you have, take the necessary measurements and present options with fabric samples to match your outdoor patio decor.
We take pride in our expertise to ensure that the job and service meets or exceeds ours customer's expectations. We come to your home or commercial site, let you browse through over 100 fabric choices and take measurements.
We are an actual brick & mortar store & warehouse with the knowledge and experience to help, before, during & after your purchase!

We know that you may have thought about replacing your old slings, but you don't want to deal with the hassle of finding the correct brand of furniture or taking the right measurements or deciding and matching on fabric choices. In just a couple of short weeks, we return with customized slings and install them on site.

Dow corning uv curable silicone
Furniture repair west palm beach
Loctite 3494 msds

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