This post is for those who want to know the common problems that we will encounter in repairing Television set.
2.) Check the supply voltage if present in the main vertical section, sometimes 24 volts from the flyback and other supplied by 24v and -24v plus ground. 3.) If the supply voltage is missing, check the line from flyback having 18-24 volts, possible culprit is an open fusible resistor. 4.) If the supply voltage is present, possible problem is that the Vertical IC is defective or the Vertical Sync coming from the Jungle IC, better to check also the jungle IC in this situation.
1.) check first your speakers, it is usually the most common culprit after repairing a television with power supply problem based on my repair experience. 3.) If the supply voltage is present, try doing a hum test by touching the input of the audio IC, refer to the datasheet to find the input pin of the IC.
3.) If their is no shorted diode and no short on main IC, now check the Horizontal Output if it is busted or shorted. Am grateful your blog is really educative i had serious problems troubleshooting CRT TVs but now i got more light in troubleshooting.
I want to learn how to repair television which was brunt out by the lightning strike mostly. Look for loose solder joint on the vertical IC and change the 1000uf 25v cap near the vertical IC. When i power on my tv,it takes long period of time to bring on a picture.What is the problem?
I need to be very good in tv repairs.i have a crt chinese not showing full screen as if it is zoomed. Sir am so happy for what you posted on us about comon crt tv solution thank u sir,sir pls do u also repair cd and dvd player? Its better to let it check by a certified technician, doing it on your own without the right knowledge is hazardous. The problem is that only bottom size works well but top half size goes black with green,blue and red thin lines appearing on top side.
This problem occurred in last year for few times,the problem fixed automatically after few minutes without touching a tv.But from last 3-4 days problem again occurs but are still there,,,,,i open my tv set to check whether their is any loose connection but don,t find any loose connection! The problem lies on the vertical section of the TV circuit, try to locate it and check for some cold solder and resolder it and check all the capacitors in that section maybe one of them is open or leaky. Sir papano poh ba magtroobshoot sa crt 21 samsung tv kung ang horizotal line in the center of the screen? Hi, every time we turn on our TV the display keeps going on and off… what could be the possible cause for this..
First check the main bridge rectifier diodes if checked ok suspect the main power IC, those components I mentioned are all at the primary of the power supply. I look forward to getting a letter from you and telling me about your LCD TV repair experience.

Budget Television is a professional home electronics repair company, based in Fairfield, Western Sydney providing services to Sydneysiders for over 40 years! If youa€™re using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, you will need to use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE9 or greater).
If the 42LM660T is anything to go by, it's no surprise that LG has been enjoying such amazing success in the LED TV market of late. On the negative side, the Smart Features lacks smoothness, more quality apps are required (recently LG have announced more games) and some features require buying separate accessories for the DVR, Skype and App Storage.
Even though there are quite a few cons to this TV the high quality and extensive features make this recommended. The smart tv is very easy to navigate and you can get an app for iPhone or iPad which makes it even better.
Send an Email to LG Customer Support to receive a response from an LG support representative.
With stylish and immersive CINEMA SCREEN design, the LM66 is packed with features such as LED Plus technology for deeper blacks as well as 5 pairs of glasses to bring home the magic of CINEMA 3D to share with friends & family.
Month after month of speculation and rumors have finally led us here, and uBreakiFix has the sincere pleasure to provide you with the first LG G3 Teardown! Starting on the outside front of the phone we see the 5.5” LCD, ear speaker, front camera, and infrared and proximity sensors.
A few flex connectors later and we are able to remove the motherboard, the only other board in the phone located at the bottom is most-likely for grounding.
Directly above that board are the flex connectors for the LCD and digitizer which is assisted by a Synaptics 93528A touchscreen controller.
We can also see the 13 MP rear camera (4160 x 3120 pixels), which has been one of the major selling points for the G3 and with 2160p video resolution at 30fps, it’s no wonder why. Also visible is the front camera is 2.1 MP, slightly better than the 2 MP in the S5 but drastically less than the One (M8) which brings a 5 MP front camera to the table. Lastly, adhered directly to the back housing are the 3.5mm headphone jack and the ear speaker. Once we remove the metal shields from the motherboard we are able to see many more chips, some of which we have already identified. I will be posting some common problems and their possible solution and tricks to repair this problem.
Some Vertical IC’s may have loose contacts on solder joints on its legs because of the heat and cold condition on its operation.
Your post is so educative I appreciate it has tossed me several levels ahead in TV repair, please keep it up. When I want to Turn it ON whether by remote or it’s ON OFF switch it does not turns ON. Prior to ordering, please verify that numbers listed on our site match those from the damaged part you are replacing.

It's a very impressive TV on many counts, from its dazzling high-definition pictures to the lengthy feature list.
And the same can often be said of its pictures, at least with bright, sharp, colourful HD and 3D sources. One of the first differences we notice is that there is only one small daughterboard, unlike the G2 which had another controller board split along both sides of the motherboard. This absolutely stunning LCD has been advertised as a Quad HD display and sports a staggering 534 ppi pixel density which blows away the S5 at 432 ppi and the One (M8) at 441 ppi. Well this is what we call an antenna, they were used on cell phones many years ago for better reception. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering that he never uses, and he loves all things tech.
But i would ask if other home Applied Electronics like DVD Players, Amplifiers, Speakers, portable Home Radios, etc could provided clearly stated their Problems and Solutions for each fault, and The Parts of the Devices with all their Functions. This one however is for TV tuning although it is not likely the US version of the G3 will include a TV tuner antenna.
I mean seriously when we were kids we had fisher price stuff that was made tough for us because we were children who didn’t know responsibility yet but we are now adults with $700 phones that aren’t made to be sit on!! Even with the extra mAh we wouldn’t be surprised if users didn’t see the benefits as the new and improved Quad HD screen likely draws extra power. Do people need a company to just make tough ugly electronics that are nearly unbreakable because of the lack of being a responsible adult? If you are that bad then there is outterbox… i myself have not used a case on any of my phones since 2007 including all the iPhones.
Bringing every colour to life, the extended colour range of the LG Super UHD portrays your favourite scenes in billions of rich colours. And, the LG Super UHD TV is the best TV by far for displaying HDR contents mastered in Dolby Vision. From movies and music to games, videos and so much more, LG smart TVs feature everything you want, all in one place. LG Smart TV webOS 3.0 is designed to be obviously easy and provides an exciting experience, so that it is simple and fun to use. Experience your favourite television shows, movies and music in a whole new way with LGa€™s innovative technology including Super UHD 4K, OLED and LED displays.

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