The top of the wire frame of this vintage Stiffel lampshade came loose from the styrene (hard shell) shade.  The shallow drum shade has a reflector connected to the spider wire.
This vintage slag shade came to us with 2 missing glass panels which were created and replaced. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. When it comes to lighting, there’s really no need to invest thousands in designer appliances. In design terms, the industrial look is stripped back, and synonymous with raw materials, such as steel and exposed brickwork. Most of us long to fill our homes with beautiful, one off pieces, so why not use the things you already own to create something unique for your living space?
If you have any old clothes lying around, gather them together and pick out the prettiest patterns you can find.
If you’re a fan of flea markets, car-boot sales and antiques fairs, keep your eyes peeled for inexpensive hardback books and interesting beads and pendants. Possibly the simplest way to transform a standard lampshade is with brightly-coloured wool, thread or twine.
For added eye appeal, cluster several lampshades together and listen on as your friends and guests swoon at your handiwork and request the telephone number of your designer.
If you are looking for lampshade frames for a new lighting project, we can help at Premier Lampshades. The shades fit on vintage torch floor lamps.  (the pictured floor lamps are not the actual floor lamps)  The antique torch floor lamps typically have 3 cluster bulb fittings around a glass enter globe. Arrange LEGO toy bricks in a foil-line pan, bake, remove, mold, and you end up with a floor-lamp shade.

Interesting fact:  most important to my clientele is to preserve the lighting color of the original lampshade. This lampshade was splitting where the decorative vertical bias trim was adhered to the lampshade.  This vertical bias trim is only decorative and is applied with an adhesive. The metal frame had many varying degrees of color.  The only option was to prime, paint and wax the metal frame back to a uniform color. After a multitude of fabric color samples, I did find a golden fabric that blended and coordinated with the original pleated cuff and top bias trim. A special “Thanks” to my client for sharing pics of this beautiful restored Golden Lampshade with the original lamp base.
This beautiful lampshade was found in the crawl space of a Home on the Historic Register in Centerville, Utah.  The crawl space was dry but had no protective wrap and was under other objects.
I swept the historic lampshade using a computer vac and various brush and crevice fittings.
I was able to remove the cover in one piece.  My client is using the historic cover in a framed display. Two “Keepsake” lamps with restored shades will be featured in a home of the NAROMI LAND TRUST Festival of Dinners!  The room is gorgeous!  Such an honor. Of the two shades, the gooseneck was the oldest.  The wire frame of this lampshade has the vertical wires hooked to the horizontal frame.  The craftsmanship of the wire frame was amazing! This lampshade project was a “keepsake” from my clients’ “Mother.”  The lamp as a whole is gorgeous! This vintage shade cover was stapled.  I have seen this many times and cannot imagine actually getting a clean finish stapling the material onto the frame! The cover fabric was also getting brittle and started to tear.  It only takes slight, next to nothing, pressure to split the fabric when it gets this weak.

So, consider wrapping your lampshade frame in copper wire, or creating a simple light stand from low cost wood. A pile of battered hardbacks makes a fantastic lampstand, while pendants and beads can be hung from your lampshade to add interest. Make sure nothing comes into contact with the light bulb itself, and that any trailing materials are heat and fire proof. We have a large selection of frames in different sizes and styles – take a moment to visit our online shop.
The technique would probably work for a standard shade as well, though you’d have to attach it to a frame of some type.
Cooper forest green lampshade cover still going strong, but the liner and trim was disintegrating.  We replaced the liner but the trim was beyond repair.
If you’re thinking of purchasing vintage lamps or lighting, it’s a good idea to have your purchases checked over by an electrician or lighting specialist before you go about adding any finishing touches.
To find out more about our collection of lampshade frames, please take a look at our range or get in touch!
There are countless ways to transform this little beauty into something beguiling – all you’ll need is a sprinkling of patience, a dash of imagination and – more often than not – a glue gun. To chat to a member of our team, get in touch via our quick contact form or ring 01204-414-366 or 01204-412-062.

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