Intro: Repair plastic eyeglass frame with thread and superglueYou've got a pair of eyeglasses, plastic frames, broken.
Step 3: CleaningGive the glue a good surface to bond to by lightly sanding, scraping and washing the break. Step 4: Making the ClampYour clamp is a piece of stir stick cut down to fit between the two side pieces of your broken glasses.
Step 5: Clamping the glassesMake sure your rubberbands are free of dirt or grit that might mar your lenses. Step 10: First radial wrap and glueAfter the tension band has cured for fifteen minutes, and you've trimmed the ends, you can begin this step. Looks like a solid fix, but maybe clear fishing line instead of thread would be less noticeable.but the thread soaks up the glue and gets hardened fishing line isnt obzorbns t so it would be as solidpineapplenewton is right, but if you feel like experimenting, why not try a very fine mono-filament?
I chose to use silk because of the strength to weight ratio and I thought it would be cool to mix modern and ancient materials. Please see bruc3ef's comment and my reply for the dangers of high dork factor repairs.if one was seriously concerned about colour matching, what about some sort of paint-on enamel?
I super glued it together, drilled a series of holes on both sides of the shaft, wrapped small steel wire through the holes, pulled tight and smothered it in epoxy.
All the work performed are done on-site by our experienced technicians who holds many years of hands-on experience. To get started, simply fill out the form either on the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. To get a better understanding of what is broken, CLICK HERE, for a diagram of the parts that makes up a pair of glasses. Should you have any query, please fill out the form below and oneof our team members will respond to you as soon as possible.

I would recommend against repairing them at home unless you're totally okay with a hideous result.
If I did use a mono-filament, I would not blot up excess glue quite as enthusiastically, for just the reason pineapplenewton gives. Testing a piece of thread with super glue for color changes before starting the repair helps get a good match. The shaft coupling to the motor shaft split and I knew the stress would just break it again. During any time of the repair process, we will keep you up to date, and when you do have questions, you can simply connect to one of our professional customer service agent who will get you on your way. See MSDS or wikipedia information on ethyl cyanoacrylate.+1 on not using cotton, can catch fire, make nasty smoke.Where were you when I broke my frames last year?! There are places that do this sort or repair for money that have a much better looking outcome.
Either use this automated repair setup process, or contact one of our agents and get started today on getting your glasses back in shape!
We know the values of glasses that you had invested in and our professional staff will help you get your glasses back in shape.
Now, drill two holes for the tension band, but drill them back to front rather than top to bottom. Our technicians can perform all types of repairs, with the most common repairs such as: Lens Replacements, Metal Frames Repairs, Plastic Frames Repairs, Screw replacements, and Scratch Removals. Follow along below to see how you can fix the glasses with common household items and materials.
If you're willing to take a risk and trust your skills with simple hand tools, you could have fixed glasses as soon as tomorrow!

After discussing it with you in person, and not having looked at the site, I can see there are a couple of very useful ideas that are super-useful.
Also, I will have to create a different kind of clamping template than you illustrated here, one with a right-angle to it, perhaps. I went to the Doctor to get new ones and they said they broke from deterioration of the plastic from things such as UV rays.
Thus so i was afraid that if i did drill into them they would crack but luckily in my favor they did not. Luckily they did not crack then i alternated from wrapping each way always going through the holes when changing directions of wind and always with the tension wind.
I then did a radial wind until both holes were covered and then i glued the thread once i felt it was already more stable than the tape. Use a needle threader to pull the thread thru the holes, I think you could get more thread thru a smaller hole that way.Nice instructions my daughter too broke glass of course on Friday afternoon no time to even get to opto to order new ones.
How can one be sure the material used to wipe the solvent off isn't contaminating the surface?
I can only hope the aircraft I ever travel on where not constructed or repaired with supplies obtained in the cosmetics or paint departments at Walmart.

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    Lemon juice to the glue compound and a few drops of Insta-weld monomers of cyanoacrylate molecules.
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