This is a good example of what the studio is able to do for glass and crystal restoration no matter how desperate it may seem.
By providing your name and email address, you agree to receive newsletters from The Trophy Den containing information about its products, news releases, promotions and events. This unique Hole-In-One trophy features a glass dome resting on a beautiful custom made wood base with green felt .
Quality glass & crystal awards with personalised engraving, a perfect award for any occasion. Whether you need to have the winner’s name engraved on a trophy, or a personalised message on a special piece of glassware for a special achievement, contact us today.
We can use a multiple of engraving techniques including Sand Blast, Diamond Point and Silk Screen printing.

G-Touch has a great R & D and production teams, and the Capacity of the factory is about 10000 pcs per day.
For this project we started with making a mold of an existing part using a platinum cure silicone that has the ability to reproduce the finest details.
To incorporate the originality of your awards and represent your winners achievements as well as your own brand, perfect for corporate awards.
For the best results, as well as traditional manual engraving techniques, All of your engraving requirements are taken care of in-house. You will need to check them for typos and position then sign them off and e-mail them back.
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Then we had to cast the missing part using the clearest resin that offers a total stability to heat and UV light. This allows us to give you a more personal service, and ensures that your piece is ready on time. After a fine polishing of the edges and the entire surface we obtained a perfect replica of the missing arm.
We can also revamp an old trophy by painting the base, replacing broken pieces and updating the figures.

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