You can create a luxurious bathroom space with glass shower doors, frameless shower doors, glass tub enclosures, and bathroom mirrors. Whether you need a custom shower door that meets your sizing specs, professional installation, repair services, or replacement shower doors, Walnut Valley Glass can serve your needs.
If you are building or renovating your home bathroom, consider Walnut Valley Glass for all of your custom glass needs. Walnut Valley Glass is the Los Angeles area's supplier of glass shower doors; we also offer service to property owners in Orange County and San Bernardino. Chrome framed shower door replacement drip rail 35 ebay - Find great deals on ebay for shower door sweep shower door seal. True View offers a variety of hardware finishes for your shower doors and glass wall enclosures. Once the aesthetic details are determined, our installers gather exact measurements of the area. Once the cut-to-spec glass arrives in our shop, it is carefully fitted and positioned forming the ideal shower enclosure.
Final measurements are taken to insure all glass walls with be ordered in the proper size for your design. Towel Bar: Any towel bar that is installed on one of our glass units, should never, under any circumstances be used as a grab bar.
Water Spots: Strange as it may sound, did you know that there is a secret weapon to use on water spots? Abrasive Cleaner: We do not recommend using abrasive cleaners that can scratch or cause defects to either the glass or aluminum hardware. Water-tight: Our shower enclosures are designed to keep water inside the enclosure under normal showering conditions.
Excessive Force: The use of excessive force on the shower door could cause glass breakage or serious injury.
If you are looking to update your bathroom, you might be wondering what the cost is for  a frameless shower door . This is a common question and the answer is simple- youare not getting the same thing from each place. Our findings: this enclosure was installed with absolutely no safety or engineering making it dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. Lesson: Do not assume that just because someone has a legitimate business, they provide a legitimate product. The latest bathroom design schemes incorporate use of beautifully-crafted glass work for a modern, clean touch.

Our technicians will repair your glass enclosure frame or install new tempered glass shower doors, if needed.
True View also stocks many styles of glass, giving you many different options and allowing you to have the flexibility to choose what works best for you and your family. All mechanical parts of your new enclosure are thoroughly tested by our master technicians including silicon seals, glass edges, trim joints and contact surfaces.
We only recommend using cleaners that are intended to be used on glass doors or aluminum hardware.
With this stated, it is important to understand that all designs are not water-tight or leak-proof. Pick up the phone today and call to speak with a member of the True View team about a shower enclosure installation. Methods for securing glass with fittings can be totally different: types of fabrication needed to secure panels can vary greatly- just as the construction can vary. Lynne recently had a frameless shower door installed by another popular company in the area, and although she was pleased with the appearance of the door, the door kept hitting the fixed panel and knew this didn’t seem right.
These are the best elements that could enhance your bathroom and hence are a rage these days. Walnut Valley Glass provides Los Angeles property owners with glass shower doors and other glass work for home bathrooms. The installation team at True View has decades of experience which allows all work to be performed on-site at your home with materials and supplies delivered by our company-owned trucks. Combined with precision installation we produce beautiful shower enclosures, that are easy to maintain and will last for many years to come. After the glass is wiped down, it’s best to wipe the aluminum with a towel and touch-up the glass.
If there is excessive water use or water is sprayed directly at the unit, there is always the possibility of leakage. Please call our office for a free quote on all shower door repairs and hardware replacements. A few years back one of our sales reps told us about another option in hardware that was half the price of CRL. And each clamp has different weight tolerances as a result.  Ask what hardware they will be using!
Occasionally, we recommend you clean the glass with either an alcohol or ammonia based glass cleaner.
A frameless enclosure installed with glass clamps will generally add 20%+ to the cost of the enclosure due to the cost of the fittings as well as the additional glass processing required.

We inspected the hinges and were excited to find they looked identical to the ones offered by CRL. Lynne stated the company had come out three times to adjust since the installation but it seemed to be an ongoing situation and wanted an alternate opinion. We will even help you design your Arizona shower enclosure to your needs; while adding elegance to any bathroom in your home. These cleaners should also be safe for use on the aluminum hardware, but always refer to the label for proper cleaning tactics. This method also requires more precision measuring and installation- you will have a more experienced technician perform this installation.
Some places consider “U” channel method of installation frameless, in fact years ago, we were one of those places!
Our glass technicians immediately noticed that this knock-off  hardware was not even close to the quality we wanted to offer our clients. The door was hinged off of this fixed panel (which would also add to the pending failure of this fixed panel).
Over time we listened to our customers and heard what they wanted- a truly frameless shower enclosure.
The door did not operate smoothly and they had a hard time tightening the hinges enough to safely keep the glass from slipping out. Upon opening and closing the door, the fixed panel flexed horribly- clearly showing the flawed design and installation.
That was a great lesson for us and we took action to remove the hardware and replace it with our tried and true CRL hardware. We hope these tips help you to make the most educated decision when purchasing your shower enclosure. He called into our office with the part number on the hinge and found the glass weight of the door exceeded the hinge’s weight capacity by 30lbs.
Between the fixed panel flexing and the door glass slipping from the hinges, the door was hitting into the the other fixed panel (also installed with the make-shift glass clamps).
We advised her to not use this enclosure at all and advised that it be taken down immediately to avoid any pending injury.

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