Acid etching is a form of graffiti that vandals use to permanently burn a design or message into glass.
They did an outstanding job for us on repairing windows with graffiti on them which I felt were beyond repair. Why Restore?Repairing scratched or graffitied glass is the only alternative to glass replacement. Our MethodOur technicians use top of the line contractor grade Glass Renu systems to complete every glass scratch removal job. This is a contemporary design kitchen, where modern, sandblasted design glass was installed to give the kitchen an unparalleled designer look.

If your business or home is affected by any of these give us a call or click the "request an estimate" button below.
Leaving glass graffiti on windows will have a negative impact on customer retention and earnings.
I was very happy with their services and will continue to utilize their services in the future. Our technicians will repair your glass quickly, easily, and neatly with minimal impact on your business.
This glass was cut to its provided dimensions, tempered, and sandblasted with the displayed pattern, emphasizing on various shades of frost.

We would highly recommend Phoenix Glass Repair for their expertise in glass repair, their professionalism, and their integrity. Most glass shops, from initial call to install, average 1-2 weeks for commercial buildings.

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