Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing has become known as the leading Northwest furniture refinisher.
From simple quality furniture to elaborate masterpieces…our craftsmen will restore your furniture to its original beauty! Queen Ann Upholstery has refinished multiple items for me in the past year and have done a superb job with wonderful customer service.
As a progressive and innovative organization, Queen Anne is committed to earning lifelong customers by offering world-class service and distinctive quality. Once their projects are completed, the members log in to their accounts and complete a short cost survey.After compiling and organizing the data we report it back to you.
This is not the case for cheaper, plastic patio furniture, which is much more difficult to repair because the plastic breaks down as well as the straps or slings. Welcome to Artistry Furniture Repair, where our goal is to help you enjoy your fine wood furniture by repairing and eliminating unsightly scratches, dents, chips, watermarks & other blemishes. Dwayne Coss has over 30 years experience in the furniture industry, including servicing premier brands such as Ethan Allen and Thomasville. Rattan furniture is made out of rattan, a species of palm native to Asia, Africa, and Australia.
If the rattan furniture has not been painted or stained, but does have small dents and cracks in it, there is one trick that can repair the damage.
We offer fine craftsmanship and custom finishes along with top-notch repairs and restoration.Our attention to detail and color matching is what we are known for and you are only limited by your imagination.

What is the cost of repairing furniture?The average cost to expect is $107 and $252, with larger repairs like re-upholstery of a couch costing considerably more. Rattan is considered one of the strongest types of wood, but when exposed to sunlight, it can bleach.
Using your dining table in this way can lead to scratches and dents in its surface.If the scratches are not too deep, a simple scratch repair kit from your local home improvement store may do the trick. Painted finishes and straps can fade and discolor due to exposure from sun, pool chemicals, acid rain, heat, and tree sap. To ensure that every piece of rattan furniture remains useful even after years of use, here are some useful repair instructions.
Even if the nails and screws hold the joints firmly, still apply a good amount of glue for added strength.
Make sure not to apply the stain twice in one area as this may cause unevenness in shade. Scratch repair kits can usually be purchased for $5 to $20, and they contain easy-to-follow directions to help you along.The other common repair for a dining table includes repairing or replacing a table leg. The frames may still be in great shape though, and if this is the case, it might be difficult and very costly to find the same quality brand new.
The linseed oil does not actually fill in the dents or cracks, but causes the rattan to expand, thus making these minor damages less noticeable. Over the course of time, many table legs become wobbly or split, making it unsafe to put weight on the table.

To ensure that the rattan furniture matches the interior decoration of the home, make sure to choose a paint color carefully. If this happens, you will need to replace the table leg entirely, and possibly repair the bracketing that secures the leg to the table.
If your table is older or is a style that is uncommon, you may need to find a woodworker to fashion a replacement leg for you.
Methods of repairing upholstery vary depending on how extensive the damage is, where the damage is, and what type of material covers your sofa.Small tears and splits in fabric upholstery can often be repaired with a small curved needle and matching thread.
For bent reclining mechanisms and broken springs, costs can range from $200 to $350, making it often more cost-effective to replace than repair.Return to Top Is the Repair Structural or Cosmetic?There is a big difference between the costs of repairing something that simply looks bad or repairing structural damage to furniture.
For instance, repairing a scratch on the surface of your table will cost considerably less than replacing a broken table leg.When thinking about a repair, determine whether the repair is structural or cosmetic.
The average cost of reupholstering furniture is $660, with small chairs costing as little as $150 and large pieces like sofas costing as much as $1500 or more, depending on fabric choice.Return to Top Does the Repair Involve Refinishing?Often a piece of furniture that is damaged must be refinished after repairs are completed.
Older furniture may have been handcrafted, whereas much of the furniture on the market today has been mass-produced and may be of inferior quality.Return to Top ConclusionWhen considering a repair, you must calculate additional costs as well, including possible re-upholstery or refinishing, and also determine whether the repair is largely cosmetic or structurally necessary.

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