Your double- or triple-glazed window is fogged up and you cannot seem to get it unfogged no matter what you do. We specialize in residential windows, doors, frameless glass shower systems, skylights, canopy, closet doors, mirror walls, glass and hardwares.Our services includes repair, replacement and new installation for your homes, apartments and hi rises. Our service areas inlcludes Vancouver, North Vancouver West Vancouver, Downtown, Yale town, Kitsilano, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Delta, Port Moody.
It could be a broken window you would like fixed or maybe you would like renovations to your whole home. With Low-E windows, less heat enters through the window because a  portion (30 to 50%) of the heat inducing light spectrum (near infrared & UV) is reflected back instead of absorbed by the window. Over time the silica that absorbs the moisture in the air between your double paned windows reaches its saturation point. Condensation builds inside windows as the air between the panes cools and heat throughout the cycle of day and night. We repair broken windows and foggy windows.  We can fix them all to include the hardware and the sash.
Replace the entire window yourself with a replacement window — not advisable, but it can be done. Companies like Window Defoggers bore tiny holes in the IGUs (insulated glass units), spray cleaning solutions inside, let the solutions dry up, and then install vents in those holes.
Anyway, rant aside, Window Defoggers quite fairly points out that by the time your window gets fogged up, the seal has already failed and the gas is long gone. This entry was posted in glass repair kitchener ontario, Uncategorized and tagged defog double paned windows, defog windows, double glazed window repair, foggy glass, foggy windows, foggy windows repair, glass repair kitchener ontario, glass replacement kitchener ontario on February 5, 2015 by . This entry was posted in glass repair and replacement, glass repair kitchener ontario and tagged double glazed window repair, emergency glass replacement, emergency window repair, foggy glass, foggy windows repair, glass crack repair, glass fix, glass panes, glass table, home windows repair, house window repair, house windows repair, household glass repair, insulated glass repair, patio door glass replacement, replacing glass in windows, replacing window glass, residential glass repair, residential glass replacement, residential window repair on January 9, 2015 by . We are on FacebookFollow our FB Feed Ever Clear Glass Repair & Replacement Services 1 year ago A scratched window pane, while functional, is still marred. You have double glazed windows, but you can no longer see through them because they have misted up. Double glazed units are also called sealed units.  The perimeter of the double glazing is sealed and so the air or gas inside is trapped there for the lifetime of the unit.

When Ambassador Windows install replacement double glazed units we take care to ensure that your new double glazing will not fog up in the future.
The first step to preventing the problem from reoccurring is to ensure that you use only quality guaranteed double glazing.  Our units are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.
Allied to the above point, and often overlooked, is that for water to escape through drainage holes it must be able to flow freely in the area below the glass.  Plastic packers keep the double glazed unit raised by 4mm to 6mm from the bottom of the window and allow the water to drain harmlessly away. There is no quick fix or magic bullet to cure fogged-up double glazing, the only solution is to replace the affected units.  Using quality replacement units is obviously important but even high quality double glazed units run the risk of failure if care and attention is not taken when installing them.
We offer thin glass, thick glass, rectangles, half-moons, tempered, Low E, and everything in between. We supply tempered glass to replace broken or fogged insulated windows for your sunroom. Even if your home is not likely to attract thieves, having a cracked door or window is really unsafe. There is safety glass *also known as tempered glass* that is much safer, but that doesn’t mean it won’t break.
Bead repair, no problem, apartment glass products, window repair,  glass repair, and mirror replacement. Double pane windows puts space between the outside and the inside saving summertime AC and heating bills.
Once the silica desiccant fails and can no longer remove the moisture from within the air space the moisture builds between the panes of glass and appears as condensation.
Easy enough to do with a few tools from your local hardware store, and they’ll cut you a pane of glass to size, also. It is essential to get broken glass repaired immediately for the safety of your family or coworkers, and also to secure your home or business.
There is no way that 100% sealed glass units would stand up to the pressures of solar heating and subsequent cooling. A scratch that’s penetrated deep enough to catch the tip of a fingernail is likely too deep to be repaired. Glass in windows or doors that are cracked or broken are an open invitation to burglars or thieves as they can enter the property with very little effort.

With our low price and quality guarantee we can fix your broken sliding glass door and have you back on track in no time. It’s like the window industry wants to make sure that you take out a second mortgage just for new windows. If your residential window tilts out, you could save our service call charge by bringing or shipping the window sash to our N.
Even opening or shutting the door or window could cause house pressure and loosen broken glass, add more damage or even break it out completely. At Performance Glass we are here and ready to provide the highest quality glass repair for you! Why must the answer to all window problems be to call up Pella, replace every single window in your house, landfill 25 windows, and go broke in the process?
After the area is thoroughly cleaned, dab a bit of metal polish onto another soft and dry cloth and gently rub it into the scratch.Avoid excessive application of the polish, as this may add more scratches to the window in new areas. If the metal polish is applied correctly and the scratch isn’t too deep, the scratch should disappear or become significantly less visible.Clear nail polishClean the scratch and the area around it with window cleaner. Make sure the scratched area is sufficiently dry before moving to the next step.Using the bottle’s brush, carefully apply a layer of clear nail polish over the scratch.
Afterward, carefully remove any excess nail polish with nail polish remover lightly dabbed from a clean cloth.Homemade scratch removerApplying a paste made from a mixture of water, white toothpaste and baking soda is another DIY scratch-removal method. This process may take several repeated attempts before the scratch is removed or becomes minimally visible. Second, your insulated glass units never were completely air-tight in the first place.As mentioned, your sealed windows have always had venting properties. It is impossible for sealed glass units to stand up to the pressures of solar heating and subsequent cooling.

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