Pantalla rota del tu celular galaxy note 3, aca te explico como arreglar el vidrio en pocos paso. Oportunidad en samsung galaxy note cambio pantalla - repuestos de celulares displays y lcd samsung! Isertec chile es una empresa chilena certificada en el servicio tecnico y reparacion de smartphones y tablets en forma express!. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. According to the story, Steve Jobs wanted to use glass on the Apple iPhone instead of plastic, but was concerned about breakage.
My understanding is that the Iphone up tel the Iphone 4 had Gorilla Glass that the 4 and 4s tried the same kind of glas put on supertrain windshields and has a much higer rate of cracking but less scratching. Its a design feature of the iphone at this stage,you either totally cover up that expensive 'premium' glass design with a rugged case or you add insurance to your contract. Even the Motorola Nexus 6 features an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, but a cracked screen is still possible if the device is dropped by accident. THIS VIDEO DOES NOT SHOW HOW TO REMOVE THE GORILLA GLASS FROM THE CASING IN ORDER TO REPLACE IT.

Hey Scott, it’s not an easy task to remove the Nexus 6 glass, most people would not have a try in case of further damage to the phone.
When someone suggested he should see Corning, he flew out to see Corning CEO Wendell Weeks, and was impressed enough with Gorilla Glass. We were standing in his bus he's about my height 6'5", and was holding the phone at chin level. Here we estimate the cost of repairing a broken Nexus 6 screen for your reference.If your Nexus 6 still responses and displays like nothing else happened despite the annoying cracked screen, then the Nexus 6’s glass screen was damaged and needs to be replaced. The phone is working fine, with no glitches, its just a hairline crack diagonally across the screen. 2,471 iPhone owners responded to the survey and the reasons given for not repairing the device ranged from a lack of time to have it fixed, to a lack of money for those uninsured. It doesn’t that much, $10 is more than enough to buy a replacement Motorola Nexus 6 Glass Lens.If the Nexus 6 is unable to display anything but you can hear and feel the vibration when starting up the phone, then the LCD screen was damaged. My phone is under warranty, with all bills and box packing, Am available at the mail id provided & also at 9007068696. Or if your Nexus 6 touch is not responsive but displays normally, then the touch screen was damaged.

The worst-case scenario is the Nexus 6 screen is totally out of commission after being dropped. Additionally, it was the creation of the first Apple iPhone screen that led Corning to develop the product, if a story relayed by Walter Isaacson to Fortunea€?s Adam Lashinsky is true.
The company says that it "began developing a tough new cover glass for electronic devices in 2006."You might wonder how 23% of Apple iPhone screens could break if Gorilla Glass was used. In this case, whether you send your device to the Motorola center or visit a repair shop, they will charge you no less than $300 as the whole LCD assembly needs to be replaced.However, if you’d like to repair it by yourself, the damage to your wallet is not that bad.
Corning says that if a screen is subjected to enough abuse, it will crack even with Gorilla Glass.
The separation work between LCD Assembly and frame is difficult, and we’d suggest you to replace the Motorola Nexus 6 LCD Touch Screen with Frame if you do not want to take that risk.

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