Genuine Apple retina LCD screen and glass with an oleophobic coating and new plastic bezel used. Best Iphone repair sevice in the South Orange County area, Fix Broken Phone provides you with quality repair services for your broken Iphone or Ipad.
Here are some common iPhone repair services we can quickly fix at Fix Broken Phone in Irvine.
We have be have been repairing iPhones since they were first introduced by Apple & we are your experts when it comes to fixing your cracked screens or broken Ipads.
If you need a professional to fix your cracked screen on your Iphone or Ipad you have found the experts here at Fix Broken Phone in Irvine.
We have all seen the look on someone’s face when they drop their iPhone and pick it up to discover the glass screen has been cracked.

Op alle reparaties zit minimaal drie maanden garantie en mocht het probleem niet gevonden worden zijn er geen kosten.
Due to the construction of the iPhone 4S both the Glass touch screen and the LCD screen will be replaced together.
We take great care of your broken Iphone or Ipad and provide you with quality replacement parts & the fastest repair service in all of Orange County. It happens all the time though, and fixing smashed iPhone screens is a huge business for third-party repair shops. If your iPhone glass is also smashed or cracked, please go to our Touch Screen repair service where you can add LCD repair for a discount on the combined purchase.
Allow us the opportunity to provide you with excellent service and have your Iphone or Ipad fixed by our professional repair technicians today.

In fact, there’s so much money in the practice of fixing iPhone screens that Apple wants a piece.
Those with new iPhone 5s handsets that have already fallen victim to drops who are looking to save some money on repairs can opt to replace the shattered display themselves, however, and supply chain solutions company ETrade Supply recently posted a complete guide on its blog. It should also be noted that opening your iPhone will void your warranty with Apple, but then again, so will bringing it to a third-party repair shop to have it fixed there.

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