Gather supplies: gauze, tin foil and acetone (mine was purchased in Mexico, hence the spanish).
I have found that 91% isopropyl alcohol with this method, worked better and faster than acetone. I asked the manicurist before she applied the gel if it would be difficult to remove and she said no. It has been really really hard to remove all of the gel and it did hurt my natural nails significantly. I was convinced by the nail lady (what are they called?) to get the gel because I was going on a kayaking trip a week later. As of this moment, I have not met anyone yet who does not adore gel manicure (I just had a home gel manicure session with my girlfriends). This actually becomes a problem since cracking and thinning of nails aren’t caused by acetone.
If you are fond of doing gel manicure for yourself, then you ought to know how to get them.
Getting gel nails using orange wood stick can also help in pushing off the gel-polish after soaking your nails.
Apart from taking care of your nails, it is the duty of a nail technician to educate its clients.
I had my nails done with the gel about a month ago and am just sitting here waiting for them to grow out (I have clear gel).
I didnt notice that my nails were oily but it does increase the wear time of my gel manicures. I was sitting with my fingers in a bowl of acetone for over 10 minutes and barely anything was happening! I hope it is as easy as your post and comment-ers all say I wanted to pipe up and say that if if you have had trouble with your gel manicure before 2 weeks time, you should let your salon know. I found this on Pinterest and have been WISHING for some way to get rid of these gel nails! The tool has a sanding tip that quickly removes the tough topcoat of gel polish, allowing your nail polish remover to penetrate and work more effectively. However, as long lasting and durable as these are, the nail industry is facing quite a serious problem in improper removal of gel manicure. Some nail technicians do not wait for the gel manicure to be soaked properly that they think a little “force” is okay in removing gel nails. On the other hand, make sure to choose nail technician who is trained to handle gel manicures. I was too busy being a mother of four active and exhausting children.As many of you know, this was a huge mistake. It is then very easy to remove the gel, but not good to soak ones digits in acetone for that long!
I have awful thin flaky nails and the gel manicures have made my nails stronger when I have it on and I havent noticed them being worsewhen its off. The salon I go to will remove it from their inventory so that no 1 else will get a bum manicure from that same bottle. My salon mani only lasted about 10 days, that would be fine if my new, self-done one lasts that long. When I had my manicure and pedicure done on a cruise ship 18 days I had my toe nails done with regular polish and decided to try gel polish for my fingernails. I got them done for my sister in law’s wedding about a month ago and they look HORRID! A pusher head then gently removes the softened polish without harmful scratching of nails or cuticles.

Plenty of nail problems such as nail thinning, brittleness, cracking occur due to this malpractice. When getting gel manicures, wearing broad spectrum sunblock in your hands will minimize the damage sustained by UV light during the process.
I gave up the last bit of “me time”.In 2010 discovered the online world of nails and nail art.
If you have to put forth effort into removing the gel polish, via scraping, picking, or rubbing, soak your fingernails a bit longer. I didn’t want to make another appointment to sit for another hour at the salon, so I tried this.
That’s when I clicked on a link to this page and saw a pic that looked exactly like what my fingers looked like! It said if you rough up the top with an emery board the rest of the process will go quicker. I will not be returning to this salon ever because, as previously stated, regular polish doesn’t last, so when I actually go pay the money it is for the pampering effect, soaking them, cleaning up cuticles, repairing damaged skin around the nails, hand lotion and massaging. The pen-sized device is lightweight and easy to handle, providing spa-quality results in one’s own home.
If you wear your gel manicure for more than 21 days, you may need to soak your nails a little longer to properly get rid of the product. The UV rays used to cure gel manicure are a potential risk for skin cancer that is why you need to go slow in applying them.
I took up my love of nail polish again.My ResearchI spent a lot of time learning about nail care.
My fingernails look like they need to be back filled a little as you can see the new growth. The technicians’ problems with gel manicures can be due to the fact that some of them think that cracking and thinning of nails is a part of the gel process and dehydration of the acetone. I have very good strong healthy nails and haven’t noticed any problems with thickness of the gel polish. Anyway, I knew that removing them was not as easy as regular polish, so while waiting for a pedi station to be available, slightly disgruntled, I decided to look it up and came across this blog.
If the gel is snagging a little, make sure that she reapplies the removal solution or the acetone to your nails. It made me even more sad because everyone was saying it hardly lasts, I felt like I was wasting money jbecause I thought they were supposed to last a long time, at least 2weeks to a month.
I found that my nails were more thin and weak when I left the salon than they were using this soaking method. At the salon I once asked if regular nail polish remover would work on gel polish, and they just told me that they use a special kind. I am glad that you posted that yours has lasted as long as it is supposed to and that you like it.
If this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return your Hammacher Schlemmer purchase for exchange, credit, or refund.Should you have any questions, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Soak-Off-GelDuring my daily, all consuming studies of nail care, I learned about the new revolutionary product called soak-off-gels (SOG).This new technology was a gel that dissolved in acetone. Hard gels are highly resistant to acetone.Hard gels must be filed down to 50% of their thickness for maintenance fills, or filed off completely for removal.
I decided to check out these new gels.My TechniqueMy 20 years of experience taught me that polish bonds really well to gel. This means that it can actually take 20, 30, or even 40 minutes to dissolve the gel properly! The gel must completely wipe off with firm finger pressure.The Education GapWe have a big problem being created in the professional salon industry.The Bad News?

About 80% of nail professionals are not learning proper application and removal techniques.The Good News? I then cut my nails short, and started applying oil for three days following my own instructions for the 3 Day Hydration Technique. After that, I continued with normal polish manicures.At the same time, I also deduced that water absorption from the underside of the nail plate will soak through and break a polish or gel bond. And if she doesn’t, send her to this article.I love that I can change my manicures without the added time commitment of gel. That’s my choice.Hopefully I’ve given you enough information so you can make the best choice for you.What Do You Think?Did this article change your thoughts in any way? I always suspected there was something I didn’t like about gel manicures…and you just explained what it is better than I could! Thanks for writing this!Ana April 29, 2014 at 7:22 pm # Thanks so much for stopping by Anne!!!
It can also be a great resource to offer to friends if they’re unsure if gels are for them.
Now I know I should just get a regular manicure with 2 layers of a base coat, 2 color layers, and 1 top coat, not a gel manni for senior prom!
Thank you for helping me not damage my nails and educating me on the proper removal of gel coats ^_^Corie April 29, 2014 at 8:13 pm # This article completely changed my thoughts of nail care! It’s the unnecessary, excessive filing of the nail plate before applying them that is so damaging.
I use DIY gel kits (SensatioNail & Fuse by SensatioNail) at home and my nails always look awful after removal. However, I’ve ended up with those false white spots that are shown on your picture, will those grow out?
I haven’t used gel polish since last fall but my nails still have those white spots and it looks horrible. I started gels in June last year as it was the only way I could grow my nails and keep them from breaking. I had great success until the end of the year when my nails started breaking and my nail beds became so thin they were sore and red.
I took on your 3 day challenge with Bliss Kiss and it totally changed my way of thinking when it came to nail care and how I treat my nails in general. As you have seen from my photos on Instagram it has worked wonders and I will never use anything else. I was changing my gels so regularly, and in all honesty, was removing them with the scraping as mentioned above.
You truly are the best in your field and I thank you for all the excellent advice and tips you have given me!Desiree November 30, 2014 at 11:34 am # Hello Ana,I have recently been introduced to your product and I have yet to purchase it but after reading all of your articles, I am more inclined than ever to start taking care of my natural nails.
I started using Duri Rejuvacote about a month ago and since then I have been able to grow my natural nails out fairly well. My concern are the ingredients in Rejuvacote being so harmful to me.First, I wanted to know your input on that product.Second, if I start using Bliss Kiss, after the initial hydration treatment, can you use SOG and still apply Bliss Kiss to your cuticles?
Would it still be just as effective, or not so much?I love painting my nails, but I don’t have time to change them every few days and sometimes I can only change my mani even once a week. So its not the gels that do damage, its actually the removal of them?Ana July 28, 2015 at 12:32 pm # Julie, that is correct.
This type of nail coating typically becomes more difficult to remove the longer it remains on the nail, reaching peak removal difficulty after about four weeks.

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