Step 5Grab a product from your bathroom cabinet or kitchen pantry and rub it into the adhesive residue, if you don't have any other removal products on hand. Diamond Glaze is an excellent dimensional adhesive that can be used with various crafting projects.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. An aerosol adhesive remover that quickly removes wax, grease, oil, sap, bug and adhesive residue.
This solvent-based formula will not harm most cured automotive paints and is also suitable for vinyl and glass surfaces.
Whether it's on a mirror, drinking glass or picture frame, you're not alone in wondering why manufacturers and retailers affix a sticker or label to an object you want to view with no obstructions.

Soak a cotton ball or a rag with baby, mineral, vegetable or olive oil; or try WD-40 or lighter fluid. Try hand lotion, nail polish remover, petroleum jelly or toothpaste; or try margarine, mayonnaise or peanut butter.
In addition, it also adds an elegant shine to compliment the finishing touches of your project. Depending on the type of residue you're trying to remove, you might have to try several methods.
Wait a few minutes until the water cools and then peel off the residue with your fingers or a utility knife. Let either solution soak into the adhesive for several minutes and then peel away the adhesive.

Stubborn adhesives may have to be soaked in these oils for several hours or overnight, but they should eventually dissolve the adhesive.
Diamond Glaze is water soluble when the solution is wet and can be washed off with soap and water; when it dries it becomes permanent and difficult to remove. Diamond Glaze dries clear with a glass-like finish.Weldbond is preferred by professional mosaic artists around the world. It is an ideal adhesive for all types of mosaic projects using ceramic, plastic, and glass tiles.

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