Being the type of person who hates to wait for my nail polish to dry the moment I heard about the UV cured Nail Polish I was thrilled. The only thing about this technique is that you have to get it done at a salon because it is dried under UV lights. Having them on I felt the urge to change the color, but removing the UV cured nail polish has to be done in a salon because the polish doesna€™t react to normal nail polish remover.
So my bet would be to give this a shot if youa€™re going away for a week and just want your nails to look breath taking every day!
It doesna€™t matter if you have long or short nails, polish looks good on any nail type in any color.
Once youa€™ve done this, choose a color to paint your nails with; Ia€™ve put some of my favorites below! I apply a thin layer and let it dry for a few minutes, and then apply more layers until youa€™ve reached your desired texture; in my case this is usually 2 coats.
Follow this by lining the top edge of your nail lightly with the brush so as to reduce chipping later.
Yes, this method will take more time and trouble but you can change the color as you please and it can literally be as cheap as you make it. Often, women want to see things that may not exist, when, in fact, a guy might just be friendly in nature. Whether youa€™re going out on a first date with a new beau or an anniversary dinner with a long-time love, finding the perfect date night outfit is half the battle.

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The Vogue professional UV lamp nail dryer can dry and cure shellac, axium, and regular gels just like a professional manicure at a salon.
One feature that owners love is the sensor which turns the nail lamp on when you put your hand inside.
Everyone who has used this lamp loves the beautiful and professional looking manicures that come from it. With so many new techniques today, I thought I would try some out and see which I preferred better. The outcome is truly amazing but the commitment to keeping your color the same for the given time can be hard to handle. I personally have relatively shorter nails, and I tend to go for plain colors rather than patterned. Dona€™t shake your top-coat as this will create bubbles and affect the way it is applied onto the nail. This article written by our male contributor will tell you exactly what men notice every time they meet a woman.
Here are the signs that tell you your boyfriend is micro-cheating on you and how you should deal with it.
Most love it for the fashion and story while others love it for the quotes that they can use in their everyday lives.

Men tend to have different kinds of urges than women and these are the things they love the most!
The nail lamp can be used with just the lamp on, with just the fan on, or you can do a combination of both the lamp and the fan together. This is a great feature because you won’t accidentally ruin your nails when pressing any buttons to turn it on. Ita€™s definitely worth the try if youa€™re going away on a holiday and want to be nail-carefree.
Especially if youa€™re wearing it for 2 weeks, youa€™ll want to rejuvenate your cuticles to keep them looking fresh.
Prep your nails (cut, file, buffer etc.) so that you have a solid foundation when applying the nail polish. I would personally go for the regular polish on a day-to-day basis and the UV cured one for more special and lasting occasions. The biggest complaint about this nail lamp is that it doesn’t seem as though the included fan does anything beside make a noise. This nail lamp is perfect for people who have busy schedules and can’t find the time to go to the salon regularly.

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