So I put my thinking cap on and came up with plan B: fill the crack with mortar mix and then use the mix to level out the top. Also, Rapid Set® Mortar Mix, which is made of a blend of hydraulic cement and quality aggregates is super strong, super fast setting and will not shrink. Next, I used my chisel to create a small under-cut below the lip of each side of the crack. Since my plan A (to lift the corner) was a no go and I decided to level the cracked corner from the top, I needed to create a frame so that my mix would have a straight edge.
I had some scrap pieces of laminate boards hanging around from when I installed laminate flooring.
If you’re working on a larger area that requires more structural strength, I recommend using a heavier material like wood and screwing the pieces together. The next step is to mix up your Rapid Set® Mortar Mix at a ratio of 1 part water to 4 parts mix.

The mix will be pretty thick and you want to mix it pretty aggressively until it’s lump free.
I’m so glad I found this post, I have a crack in the corner of my driveway too so I’ll definitely be using your tutorial and fixing that this spring!
So my plan was to dig up the cracked end and place a layer of sand underneath it so that it sat level with the rest of the slab. The difference is that in the years down the road, the undercut will help prevent slippage of the repair.
But once it’s been exposed to the elements for a while, the difference will hardly be noticeable. I only used the frame to create a straight edge because I was taking the mortar all the way to the edge to create a level surface. I used a hammer and chisel to chip off any loose edges, then used a stiff bristled brush to brush away any excess.

After you’ve fixed it, please do show off a pic on my Facebook page so everyone could see! As I dug out the soil on the end, I found that the piece was not only six inches thick, but it was still completely attached to the post on the right. Concrete, on the other hand, is generally used for structural applications to form something. I’ve been waiting for the developers of the product to launch their website and that should happen in the next few weeks so please stay tuned!

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