Our customizable Excel templates provide a wide range of tools for analysis, from a simple summary of coal mines owned to a more complex collection of peer analysis tools. An exercise in which students are given a partially completed Purchases Journal and must summarise transactions for the month according to given accounts. To commence this exercise you must download a Microsoft Excel file containing a partially completed Purchases Journal. The Purchases Journal in the Excel file contains a list of twenty (20) purchases transactions.
Your task is to complete the Purchases Journal by analysing each transaction and deciding which account column it must be placed. Borrower’s authorization form is to be filled up by the Borrowers in order to borrow something from the lender.
You can Download the Borrowers authorization form , customize it according to your needs and Print. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
The discount if any, entered while invoicing needs to be captured in the appropriate field of Form VAT 100 of Karnataka, so the facility is provided to create discount ledger and capture the discount value in the Form.

Note: The Commercial Taxes Department of Karnataka has introduced e-Sugam to upload the transportation details of notified goods before the movement of such goods. Category of Transactions: The category of transactions as listed in the e-Sugam entry form in the Department website gets displayed as list of VAT Category Type. Document Type: Based on the Category of transaction selected the Document Type gets displayed in this field.
Vehicle Number (Despatch through): The Despatch Through information entered in Party Details screen gets captured here. Quantity with Units: The quantity entered for each stock item will be captured along with the respective unit of measurement.
Print Base Currency Symbol for Total to Yes to display the symbol before the total amount.
The Excel Add-In also allows access to years of historical data to create tailored reports.
T-accounts are used to represent general ledger accounts, allowing you to visualize how the debits and credits of a particular entry work and how they impact the financial statements. The amount of output VAT is calculated on the aggregate of assessable value and the expense ledger amount.

Else the Transporter Name can directly be entered in this field of e-Sugam Details sub-screen. Else the Vehicle Number can directly be entered in this field of e-Sugam Details sub-screen. The Statutory Details screen provides a break-up of tax and the apportioning of expense ledgers with the sale value. This apportioning will help in ascertaining the assessable value for voucher as well as for a given stock item.
The goal of T-accounts is for debit entries to equal credit entries (this is why total assets equal total liabilities plus equity, as you will see in the Financial Statements section).
If money had changed hands at the time the purchase was made, the transaction would be in a different journal i.e. For every adjustment made to the left side of a T, there must be one or more adjustments made to the right side of one or more Ts so that the net entries balance.

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