Is your Sony PS3 play station is showing a series of flashes of yellow lights in the front? When the Sony PS3 play station device encounters some unknown hardware or software issue, the yellow light in the front panel would start flashing rapidly.
Customers can either send the device to us through post to our address in Belfast or you can also bring the device to our service center in Belfast if you are in the nearby area. Please make sure that you fill in the required information in the below mentioned Data Repair Sheet and the Service Request sheet when you send us your device to us through post to get it repaired. We have tried the heat gun method for a while and have had some problems so we are proud to announce that we can now professionally reflow your consoles!
At High Frequency Wireless, in Anchorage, we provide high quality and reliable video game console repair work.
There is no repair too great for us to handle, whether it be system diagnostics or hardware replacement. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
We have gotten in are reflow station and have tested it on numerous Xbox 360s with a 100% fix rate.
Now this is all good and dandy save the fact that neither the solder balls nor the RAM were meant to take that kind of pressure, and this fix will only lead to more broken joints.

By removing the stock heatsink clamps, you can hold the CPU and GPU heatsinks on with machine screws. Our team of skilled technicians are able to provide several key services, including system cleaning and upgrades as well as video game system repair. Common repair problems includes the Playstation 3 yellow light issues, otherwise know as the PS3 YLOD . Common repair problems includes the Xbox 360 red light issues, otherwise know as the Xbox 360 red rings of death.
We have professionally certified technicians and a commitment to customer service since 2004. The idea is that you can over tighten the bolts causing the heatsinks to exert more pressure on the processors, pressing the broken solder joints down until they make connections. Knowledgeable in our field, we are able to accommodate everything from PlayStation 3 repair to Nintendo Wii repair to Microsoft XBOX 360 repair.
We know that sounds dramatic, but when it comes to beating that final level, a broken PS3 can be a big headache.
We know that sounds dramatic, but when it comes to beating that final level, a broken Xbox 360 can be a big headache. Whatever gaming system you need improved, we are a dependable, experienced, and well-informed team that’s working to get you back into the gaming seat.

Knowledgeable in our field, we are able to accommodate phone repairs for most brands of smart phones. For now on when you send or drop off a console to get repaired from the rrod or ylod it will get the reflow process done.
No matter what kind of repair is required, we are dependable, experienced, and certified to get your phone as good as new again. We have been doing repairs for many years and we have had some problems with consoles and we have decided to try and turn down the failure rate so to do this we got a professional reflow station to solve this problem. The first week you can only play your console for 2 hours at a time and let it cooldown for 2 hours. The Reflow (fix that works)-Easily the most reliable, and effective fix is performing a reflow. By re-melting the solder balls in a BGA any imperfect joints will be fixed when they re-harden. Now some people claim they can reflow their Xbox using a heat gun or an oven, but to reflow properly you need the proper equipment.

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