Many things contribute to a severe failure of the PlayStation 3 with the symptoms often being described as the yellow light of death or YLOD. If you want to know why your console has died you really should be pointing the finger at the environmental science boffins who decided it would be a really good idea to remove lead from solder (it probably is a good idea in the long run) and so other alternatives to lead had to be found as additives for the solder, then end result is a new lead free solder that doesn’t stick as good as the old lead based solder.
The second part of the PlayStation 3 yellow light problem is caused by Sony and other manufactures using a new technique called BGA (Ball Grid Array) to apply the main CPU and GPU and also many other devices to the motherboard, the BGA method uses tiny solder balls under the device instead of the traditional pins used by previous consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 2, this new BGA technology was not properly tested with lead free solder, but regardless of this the console needed to be released without delay as the Xbox 360 was gaining a massive lead on Sony. The third and final issue that put the nail in the coffin on the yellow light problem is inadequate cooling of the PS3 CPU & GPU, Sony actually did quite a good job on the cooling system because it had a big fan and an even bigger heat sink. Playstation Ps3 Repair Go to Rim jobs take out a customizable car customize it then it will say performance, color,wheels ETC then go to the garage option then it will give you a list of your vehicles scroll over the non custom one you want DON'T press A Press B then press accept.
The infamous Red Ring of Death plagued the Xbox 360 for years, leading people like me over to the PlayStation 3 console. Make Sure You're Running the Latest SoftwareIf the above methods do not resolve your issue, you can try to update your system via USB, if you haven't already updated to the newest PlayStation software. Try Giving It a Rest of Safe Booting ItYou can also completely unplug your device, and let it rest for 30 minutes and then replug it back in to see if it works. Top 5 reported playstation 4 issues problems , Top 5 most reported technical playstation 4 issues and problems and how to fix them. Sony - playstation 4 console limited edition uncharted 4, Playstation 4 console limited edition uncharted 4 bundle, read customer reviews and buy online at best buy..

Ps4 blue light problem - playstation 4 wiki guide - ign, Some playstation 4 users reporting ps4 problems consoles refusing boot output video. How fix ps3 ylod yellow light death, How fix ps3 ylod yellow light death, buy diy ps3 lights fix guide checking simple ps3 errors & fix guide. Sony addresses ps4 blue light death hdmi issues, Sony published troubleshooting guide attempting users fix blue light death issues ps4. Xbox Repair Lakeland, FL & Winter Haven - Fix your PS3, Wii-U, Playstation Game Console Today - Lakeland iPhone Repair - 863-279-7127 - Repair your iPad Or PC today! But with time this works like a compact vacuum cleaner and the vents become blocked with dust and dirt and that means no airflow,  no cool air causes over heating and stressing of the processors, the end result is the yellow light of death because the CPU or GPU has become partly un-soldered from the motherboard.
Now it looks like Sony and its new PlayStation 4 are running into the same problems as Microsoft did.Instead of red, it's blue, and that light could mean the end for your brand new PS4.
You can remedy this by making sure you have a HDTV with at least 720p, and by making sure your HDTV has the latest firmware installed. You can either replace the hard drive with one you purchase, or simply make sure that the hard drive is rightly in place and snug.
We fix and repair over heating issues and clean out video game console systems each time we do our repair. When you bring you broken Playstation to BDH you can count on us to make sure your console is in good hands.

Our services will include determining the specific problem of your unit, diagnosis of your console, careful disassembly of your Playstation by our trained technicians for product safety, appropriate fixing of your console, and finally extensive testing of the fixed unit to make sure your gaming experience wont be ruined with another annoying error or malfunction! The experienced team offer professional PS3 repairs for UK mainland customers, and can repair most faults for a fraction of the price of a replacement console. All PlayStation 3 repairs are undertaken at a modern repair centre, with is equipped with specialist repair equipment and high quality standard replacement parts.
The team have access to a large stock of high quality Playstation 3 parts, so they are well prepared to deal with a wide range of console faults. Our team of skilled technicians have the technical knowledge and expertise to tackle the most complicated problem. For the most competitive price, and quickest turnaround time allow us to provide you with a FREE QUOTATION on any gaming requirements that you might have.

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