What’s the new construction going up on the corner of 17th Street & Glen Meade across from CVS?
Why do some residential roads in Wilmington have a 35 mph speed limit while others have a 25 mph speed limit?
What is the status of the Orton Plantation renovation of the rice fields and the longleaf pines? Does North Carolina have provisions for recall of local elected officials such as Wisconsin?
Can we use your name to credit you by name (no e-mail or other contact information) with this question when we post an answer? Live stock information is unavailable for this manufacturer.Please call 866-339-5060 or email us for the current availability.
Unfortunately, some items are unexpectedly discontinued before being removed from our site. Items are occasionally listed as "In Stock" but are sold out from the warehouse before we can update our inventory. Classic old world styling and a durable cast aluminum housing, the Ashmore Collection features a seeded water glass diffuser to reduce glare and to minimize cleaning requirements.

Dover EE is a transitional style; energy saving collection from Maxim Lighting finished in Bronze with Frosted Seedy glass and includes models without a photocell, and Energy Star versions with a photocell. It's one of six public alert notification sirens in New Hanover County for the Progress Energy Brunswick Nuclear Plant. The test is initiated from the county Emergency Operations Center or 911 Center activation points.
Using a integral motion sensor, the fixture turns on automatically at night when a someone approaches the fixture; an integral timer turns the fixture off after a preset delay. From the designers to the manufacturers, from the sales representatives to the customers, Maxim Lighting functions as a closely knit family, committed to understanding and meeting the needs of each member. Those odd-looking towers you see on Pleasure Island are public alert notification sirens for Progress Energy’s Brunswick Nuclear Plant, which is located across the Cape Fear River in Southport. This simple but powerful philosophy propelled Maxim Lighting to the top of the lighting industry and continues to set the company and its people apart from the status quo.Maxim Lighting began with the hard work and dedication of Jacob Sperling, who came to Los Angeles on a student visa in 1965 to pursue his education in aeronautical engineering. While studying, he worked as a sales associate for a lighting retailer and became acquainted with the lighting industry. Jacob quickly realized that customer satisfaction led to innovation in both design and utility.

Soon, he was spending his nights working in his garage that he turned into a makeshift factory, designing and engineering his own fixtures and selling them locally. His customers were so impressed by his original, innovative designs in beveled glass and brass that demand increased and Jacob began selling his designs throughout California from the back of his station wagon.
In 1970, Jacob asked his brother, Zvi Sperling, to assist him in creating a company focused on customer needs and expectationsa€”and the family business was born.By 1975, Maxim Lighting had grown out of Jacoba€™s garage and into a 100,000-square-foot warehouse in downtown Los Angeles with 25 employees.
That year, the line comprised 150 different designs, and Maxim Lighting hit its first million in revenues.Cramped for space and still growing, Maxim Lighting moved to a 206,000-square-foot facility in City of Industry in 1989. Zvi organized a network of manufacturer sales representatives equipped to showcase Maxim Lighting products throughout the United States, while Jacob trained a local workforce of over 400 employees in the production and manufacturing of his designs. During this time, Jacob traveled frequently to East Asia in search of alternative materials, and in 1992, he opened an official Maxim Lighting office in China.

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