Of course you got bored of the monocromatic winter nail designs, that’s why we present to you some easy spring nail designs that you can do for your wonderful hands. In order to achieve these easy spring nail designs you must arm yourself with a lot of patience, passion and many different color nail polishes – the more colors the better!
This nail design doesn’t imply to stick ladybugs to your nail but imitate their colorful patters.
If you want to give your nails a hallucinating effect you should put more colors in your polka dots. You don’t necessarily have to look for special spring patterns – you can find inspiration in the most incredible things if you let your imagination run wild. Shop our full range of Manicure, Pedicure, Skincare, Spa and Waxing supplies for the beautician professional.

Welcome to one of Cardiff's most relaxing beauty salons,where you will receive peace and tranquility whilst being treated. All the treatments you'll find at The Beauty Spot are undertaken by fully trained and qualified staff whose aim is to deliver a professional service to the highest standard of care. Prepare yourself for the lively spring and reflect the life and the joy of this season through your nails. For this pattern you will need 5 types of nail polish each one having different color – white, intense pink, light pink, tourquoise, and gold. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do it, it looks professional and you cannot go wrong with it as long as you pick the right colors.
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If you like the showy style more, you could exchange the position of the white with the gold nail polish. If the spring that is about to come announces itself to be intense then you should go for an intense pink as well.

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