Wearing: Maybelline SuperStay Gel #625 Forevermore Green and #635 Surreal (blue dots), plus, Essie Good To Go top coat. Then stay in touch by subscribing to our Weekly Newsletter or follow us via Bloglovin for daily updates.
Hmmmm do you feel like this polish is really more longer lasting than my regular Essie polishes? I believe it’s a marketing move for brands that are trying to take advantage of the growing popularity of gel manicures. They have come up with a hybrid formula that is meant to be more long-lasting than standard polish.

It only includes 11 classic colours and 1 clear polish, Maybelline, we need more colours of this awesome polish!
So far, out of all the hybrid polishes* on the market, Maybelline have managed to come up with the best formula. Still, it lasted for another 3 days, where 1 day was dedicated house-work and I didn’t wear gloves on purpose. Also, hybrid polishes do not require soaking to be removed but they also don’t last as long as real gel does.
Also, it doesn’t take forever to dry like some other hybrid polishes which can take hours (!).

How do the Maybelline guys constantly manage to come up with such a good products while keeping the price so low? With it’s super low price and high quality formula, Maybelline SuperStay Gel Nail Color ticks all the boxes.

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