RAL 1015 Light Ivory Polyester Rough Texture Glossy - your No.1 powder coating onlineshop with the biggest range of smalll scale powder coatings.
Please note that the visualization of the colors on your screen or printer is conditional based on the characteristics of the monitor and the particular graphics card.
Heliocare products for external use are combination of physical, chemical and photobiological filters (Fernblock® and Green Tea) that provide full protection from UVA and UVB radiation. There are also available two more shades: Light (for medium dark skin) and Brown (for bronze skin). This product provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays and covers the skin’s imperfections. As you can see in the picture, the compact is housed in a practical packaging that contains a sponge and a mirror. The high SPF is great for people with sensitive skin, but also for those who want good protection from harmful solar radiation and thus prevent premature skin aging and other consequences.
This product offers coverage and protection in one, so it is necessary in these summer days.
The LR4 is a modern size model with lot of popularity in the North America automobile market. This British automaker kept the overall configuration same for every model but this 2017 model will mark the beginning of fifth generation lineup along with an updated configuration. This new chassis will eventually shed lot of its body weight thus enhancing the performance and fuel efficiency.

The side and rear portion of the car include lower black mesh panel, cutting edge bodyline, UV protected side window, aluminum roof rail, side body accent air vent, programmable side mirror with LED indicator, body colored mirror with heating feature, large wheels, LED taillight, restyled bumper and remote tailgate opener. The interior of 2017 Land Rover LR4 will include lot of improvement including massive update in tech gadgets. SMD LED Diode : LED COB module,Epistar high-power integrated LED,LED controllers, dimmers & amp, DMX! Therefore the colours displayed may not exactly match RAL®- identified color standards. Fernblock® is a system of photoimmune protection which is based on natural resources and protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. They come in classic version (for normal to dry skin) and oil-free version (for combination to oily skin). They are created from beads carefully fixed on a recycled wireand plastic cut from an old detergent or vegetable oil container. Basically the exterior parts will exhibit a new lavish design which is the result of Land Rover latest design language.
Some of the instrument will be up-graded to current version so that it keeps its pace with the modern technology. Land Rover hasn’t furnished the exact detail of the fuel efficiency but it will be better than its previous model. LEDs in chip-on-board (CoB) technology,it is a gorgeous led product.COB LED modules, with an LED die array mounted on ceramic substrate, High Luminous Flux, High efficiency and radiation performance,no uncomfortable glare,low resistance plus they offer high reliability.

I have the lightest shade that is too light for my complexion, especially now in the summer. The 2017 Land Rover LR4 will come out with lot of makeover along with upgrade of equipment.
The exterior of 2017 Land Rover LR4 car will come with lot of redesign and it will heavily enhance the outlook of the car.
This model will borrow lot of its feature from Range Rover Sport and Evoque while its overall design will be heavily influenced by Discovery Vision Concept. Based on the foregoing analysis,  We understand that These COB LED modules are very widely used. The front portion of the SUV will get restyled Evoque Style LED headlamp with daytime running facility, high intensity fog light, large aluminum skid plate, reshaped body accent bumper, LR4 style chrome grille, large mesh lower air vent, rain sensing variable intermittent wiper and aerodynamically improved bonnet.
This new lineup will finally replace the outdated body on frame chassis with a new efficient unibody chassis. With its lavish design and jaw dropping performance, it became one of the best models of Land Rover.
Please note that because this are handmade there may be a slight difference in the the pair and I have tried to be spot on the the colour.

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