Westlake is a transitional style from Maxim Lighting International in Black, Rust Patina, Empire Bronze, or White finish.
Car Repair Tips – Engine trouble is one of the scariest things for a car owner so it’s important that you know the signs of it ahead of time.
Bad Smells: If you notice a bad smell when you’re in the front seat then you could be in trouble. Funny Noises: A popping noise can indicate that gasoline is igniting prematurely while a grinding noise may mean your motor needs to be replaced.
Smoke: Blue smoked indicates that oil is leaking and being burned with the fuel while white smoked means that water condensation or anti-freeze is mixed with fuel.
When wiring in my fan controller, nitrous, ignition, and other items, a lot of them call or a key on 12v source. I would not recommend using a starter solenoid for your application as it is not used for constant duty applications. Found the website on my phone, its Expeditionr - Journey on a Path Less Traveled and you will see some of the how to's.
This Adjusta Post photocell photo control from Summit Lighting automatically turns the light on at dusk & off at dawn so you don't have to worry about remembering (or forgetting) to do it.

Please note that if you are unsure of which model lamp you have, it may be best to bring your lamp or the part that needs to be replaced into the shop to make sure that we have the right part. If your car is revving a lot or accelerating out of your control you should have a technician check it out.
I know this has been done before, however the saved article I had was on an old computer that decided to retire. I have bought relays from Napa and Autozone, and Napa was bad from the time I left the store, and the autozone burnt up shortly after install. Take a 4ga wire from the battery side of the existing starter solenoid to one of the posts of the newly purchased solenoid that I mount where ever I decide is convenient.
They are higher priced, but it's the right and safe way to do what you want to do, which would work just fine the way your diagram is setup. My new motor is pretty close to yours (per your sig) and I would like to know what I can expect when I take it to the tuner and down the track.
On the other side of the new solenoid, I connect a 4ga wire that will power my distribution block.
I visited many online stores wishing for finding a fan which was both good looking and affordable.

I would then use one 12v key on source (most likely my windshield wiper motor, since i took that off last winter) and run that to the new solenoid where the ignition wire runs to the original solenoid. As the fan I bought didn’t have a light, I purchased a light separately to be attached to the fan.There are some reasons why I ended up buying the fan.
The price has included the remote control so I did not need to purchase the remote control separately. Lucky me, I could find the light attachment in the Hampton Bay catalogue in cheap price too.
It was about $50 and it had a nice looking.  The light is very bright as the light comes from a frosted white glass. If you are interested to buy this fan, my advice is to read the multiple instructions carefully that are packed separately. The other good thing about the Hampton Bay Altura is its friendly noise meaning that it is very quite although the size is big.

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