Easycare Portable UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer 2015 Model, Review.The sterilization case kills viruses and bacteria that may be breeding on the surface of the phone.
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The SteriPEN Sidewinder SteriPEN Sidewinder is the first of its kind portable water purification system that doesn't require batteries. Reduces bacteria on your device can help keep you healthy, and can even reduce how often you experience skin breakouts.
These spacious sterilizer fits a variety of mobile phones, and should the new iPhone line fits fine.
Its ultraviolet light disrupts the DNA of microbes in seconds, so they cannot reproduce to make you sick.
The Classic is backed by years of painstaking development, including extensive research and testing, so you can know it's portable purification that really works.

This long-life, storable water purifier is also ready for emergencies whenever the fresh water supply is disrupted or endangered. Plus, it's economical--purifying 8,000 liters at less than two cents per liter, about five cents per gallon. Manche cuirMarteau de géologue Une petite pelle polyvalente de la marque « Fiskars ».

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