Les tubes fluorescents sont des eclairages tubulaires fluorescents permettant d'eclairer un batiment ou une salle. Cetetanchepourtubes T8de la marqueSYLVANIAa un corps et un diffuseur en polycarbonate IK08. Ampoule > Ampoule basse consommation (fluocompacte) SYLVANIA , Tube tri phosphore T8 - diametre 26mm. Artist Liz West fills a mirrored room with 250 coloured fluorescent tubes with LEE sleeves.

Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Our range of over 250 colour sleeves offers a no-hassle way to transform interiors and exteriors. Visitors are saturated with individual hues that collectively create an intense white glow in a seemingly endless space. You'll require a clear sleeve, a Quick Roll of colour, two end caps, a knife and a rod or pole to stuff the sleeve.

Holding the gel tightly around the rod or pole feed it into one end of the sleeve, then push through the sleeve until it comes out the other end.

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