Step 5: Wiring the Electrical SystemI used one of the cords saved from one of the microwaves and cut off the green wire. Step 6: 240 VACI needed 240 volts AC to power this system, so I used 2 plugs, a connector, and some 10awg wire. Step 8: Finishing TouchesRather than leaving all the terminals exposed, I picked up a plastic container, painted it black, and drilled a few holes for the cables. Edit: If anyone knows any specs on this Miller, feel free to share any info (good or bad) I'd love to hear about it.
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I told her the tank was missing, there was dirt-daubers in the electrical outlets, and the battery was dead. I've got to get the contact points cleaned up and get the carb cleaned, put a new plug in it and see what I got here. This should accomplish the same voltage without using the dangerous 2 outlet hack although this limits your amperage draw to 15 or 20A. Another good practice is to put the rig in a metal box and connect that safety ground wire to it.

You could have ran the transformers in parallel with each other and had gotten the same result with half as much voltage.
I'm not trying to dis your project or anything but thats how I would have hooked it up.

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