Instead of haphazardly squeezing some adhesive out of a tube, Offerman’s Bondic system allows you to join two materials together with liquid plastic that hardens under UV light. To use Bondic, you simply apply your desired amount of liquid plastic to whatever you’re hoping to repair. After about four seconds of direct UV exposure, the plastic becomes hard as a rock but not so hard that it resists sanding and finishing. And the best part? A Bondic starter kit (which includes the dispenser, UV hardening light, and a 4-gram tube of adhesive) is just 22 bucks. Bondic's Liquid Plastic Welder can be used to repair almost anything, and it's not only waterproof, but heat-resistant as well.
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While super glue can come in very handy for sticking just about anything together, it can also cause a lot of issues.
While adhesives that can be cured by using ultraviolet light are nothing new, users normally need to supply their own UV light, which not many people have kicking around. You can then repeat the whole process if needed, to build up layers of plastic one on top of the other.

In the video below, which it being used to fix glasses and a broken plastic housing, as well as being used as an insulator for a cable that has exposed. You can get hold of the kit for US$22; it comes with a 4 gram tube of liquid plastic, one applicator and a UV light.
You know those little UV glue guns that dentists use to fill minor cavities before they get too serious? The goop can bond practically anything (plastic, metal, fiberglass, wood, fabric, etc.), and the high-precision extruder tip allows you to apply exactly as much adhesive as you need.
Simply clean the surface, apply liquid plastic to the area, cure it for 4-seconds using the UV light, add additional layers as necessary, and then sand until you're happy with the surface. For instance, you don’t have long to align whatever it is that you are sticking before the glue sets or perhaps you have issues with the glue setting inside the bottle top. Bondic comes with its own UV LED light located on the end of the reusable cartridge which is filled with liquid plastic.
You can work with the glue for as long as you want to make sure that you have the materials lined up that you are gluing. Once the glue has hardened completely you can then sand it, polish it or even paint it if you want.

It’s basically the exact same adhesive technology, just tweaked a little and redesigned for a different purpose.
This adhesive will remain in liquid form until you hit it with a blast of UV light, so you’re free to fiddle with it and make adjustments before you commit to hardening.
It won't leave you with sticky fingers, and it works on plastic, wood, metal, as well as fabric.
When you are ready to cure the glue for a bond, you just have to shine the light on the liquid for four seconds. The glue will set in just four seconds, but it only sets after the glue has been exposed to the UV light that comes with it.

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