Intro: Pipe LampA few weeks ago on Boing Boing, they showed off some pipe lamps being sold on etsy. Step 1: SuppliesFor this instructable you will need the following, note that the pipe choices can vary depending on what kind of lamp you want. Step 2: Bulid the lamp basefirst you want to build the lamp base and see what the final product will look like.
Step 3: Wire the socketNext fit the bulb socket into the end where you want the light to shine from. GENERAL WARNING: Although this project involves very little steps it does involve AC power. Etsy's TRoweDesigns makes gorgeous lamps out of metal plumbing fixtures and whimsical extras.
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Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. This DIY Anthropologie-inspired pipe lamp is time consuming, but when you compare price tags, it’s well worth the effort. Either you will need to cut the wood pieces to sizes small enough for a traditional drill bit and then glue them back together.
Run your cord through the pieces, being sure to leave plenty of cord at the top and bottom.
At 200 bucks each i figured i could make my own for a fraction of the cost and have fun doing so. I then heat-wrapped my re-wiring job after re-attaching the original cord and inline switch.
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The tall lamp, which resembles exposed plumbing pipes, was modeled after a more expensive store-bought model and strikes an interesting balance between rustic and contemporary design.
Have a sketch with you when you buy the materials in order to procure the right combinations. The beam proved to be a little strong and so I sprayed on some frosted glass paint to the plastic ikea lens in order to soften up the light. Couldn't you just run the flex right to the top of the pipe and connect it to the lamp connectorAppears to me that a small base lamp was the choice, and a small base lamp holder with the wires factory attached was used. The hole from the plumbing pipe was too big in my opinion, so I superglue'd a skateboard bearing to the pipe, then a bearing spacer to the bearing to step the opening down to just larger than the circumference of the wire. This has the added benefit of reducing friction if you move the wire, as the inside of the bearing spins with it :) I hope that answers your questionI love your setup!Hey!

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