Not all ultraviolet light tubes will properly expose negative film or photopolymer materials. ADA signs are replaced during a renovation or they’re part of the interior in a new facility.
A custom boarder with a decorative element that matches the custom routed shape of the sign. Photopolymer allows for high resolution tactile graphics, boarders, and accents elements along with the Braille. If the purpose of ADA signs is to help people with visual disabilities find their way around a facility, then making sure the signs are compliant is important. All states now follow the 2010 Standard for Accessible Design which became law in March 2012. Workflow Manager (WM) is a Design and Braille translation software we designed in partnership with CADlink Technologies to help designers and fabricators create compliant signs that meet the 2010 Standard.
A Stouffer Scale measures UV output and allows the operator to manage the UV light needed to create proper Braille dots as the UV bulbs decrease in intensity. The final steps in making a photopolymer sign are tipping the tactile and applying a top coat of paint on the photopolymer surface.
All photopolymer signs require some type of top coat regardless of design. The top coat protects the photopolymer and ensures ADA compliance by creating a non-glare finish.
We recently created a video with Matthews Paint that goes through the detailed process of painting photopolymer signs. Tipping or applying color to the tactile parts of a photopolymer sign are done with either hot stamp foil or screen ink.
These 5 areas of focus will ensure you produce a Damn Good Photopolymer Sign!  Contact us for question or information on materials or equipment. Mike is responsible for the development, marketing and sales of the products Nova brings to the architectural sign market. FEATURED VIDEOPhotopolymer Equipment FinancingTake advantage of low interest rates on any of our Photopolymer Equipment. Nova Polymers is the largest manufacturer and distributor of photopolymer sign products in the United States, Canada, Europe, The Middle East and Australia.

On the other side of things, if our friends are left in the exposure unit too long, they will come out tired. The best solution for too much or too little ink pick up is to keep your polymer plates happy.
The LT-280S photopolymer plate exposure machine can be used as the corollary equipment of hot stamping machine and pad printer for producing polymer plate.
As a specialized photopolymer plate exposure machine manufacturer and supplier in China, HengJin also provides drawer type screen plate drying oven, double chuck screen stretching machine, one color pad printing machine, pneumatic heat transfer printing machine, and more.
Whatsapp or Skype) will be replied promptly( But when I was sleeping I will reply you within 12 hours).
I have been contacted by Jeff at Creative Printers of London and he offers a range of UV exposure units.
I have plans for a UV exposure unit, which can expose up to A2 photopolymer plates, using fluorescent tubes, and a vacuum cleaner.
The design and style of a photopolymer sign enhances the aesthetic of a space and provides accessibility for people with visual disabilities who occupy the space.
This process allows more options and flexibility for ADA signs to carry a brand identity throughout a facility or to simply enhance to the overall design.
The DOJ recently increased penalties for compliance violation and nearly a dozen states now have an accessibility inspector.
The official 2010 Standards and all supporting documentation can be found on our Accessibility Codes page. The shape of the photopolymer tactile and Braille elements is controlled by the amount of UV light.
The finished edge of a sign is important and a major part of creating a great photopolymer sign. Depending on the design of the sign, the photopolymer will either have a solid paint color on the surface or a clear coat applied to the surface. The video touches on techniques, mixing paints, cleaning the gun, and how to use a wet film gauge. He has spent the past several years building relationships with key product manufactures, fabricators and architectural designers to develop environmentally responsible materials and business practices.

They enjoy spending time in their UV tanning beds (exposure units) until they achieve the perfect tan. Featuring small structure, nice appearance, light weight and strong body, the product is easy to move and operate. I find that A2 line and tone plates are easily made but for photographic photopolymer work, I can only go to A3. We have also created a series of Accessibility White Papers to help sift through the codes related to signage.
The Novacryl Designer Series has six different products with various base materials – aluminum, steel, PETG, 3form ecoresin, laminates and photoluminescent.
However, the shear may not be the preferred cutting method for some material depending on how the individual sign is constructed. Radius corners can be done with a corner rounder shear. Bit selection and spindle speed are important so make sure to view our routing recommendations. If the printing plates are taken out of the exposure units too early they will not do their job properly.
Due to the closed metal case outside, the leakage of UV light can be prevented to protect user's eyes and skin well enough from irradiation. The unit can be made by a person with woodworking skills, but it requires an electrician to do the electrical wiring and would suit home studio use. Meanwhile, the individualized design of timer is furnished to the equipment for making noise to warn that the time is over. Because there are only 3 exposure fluorescent tubes, and they are widely spaced, the unit does not handle photographic or tonal work as well as line work.

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